Friday, January 27, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 27Jan2017; today is my now usual Three Principles modified, and the deck today is the wonderful *The Rosetta Tarot* by M. M. Meleen. This deck actually pre-dates her extremely popular Tabula Mundi. I like both, & this one has a first-time charm. The draw today is: Sulfur = VIII Adjustment reversed; Mercury = VII the Chariot, and Salt = The Princess of Disks. I find this to be a just draw, if not particularly palatable. I knew going in this morning that I was carrying some anger over a professional matter, and I honestly did my best to find and maintain a peaceful vibe for the draw, but I KNEW anger was still “waiting at the gate.” Therefore, boys & girls, Uncle Mark entered the reading in an UN-balanced state, and thus the counsel is obviously, “You’re off track, out of balance. Justice isn’t being served if you are emotional.” Oh, so true, boys & girls! (Grin.) 
My Mercurial counsel today is “Hey, PackRat, in getting ready for the move from VII to VIII, you got it backward this morning and thus you tried to enter VIII unprepared. Get your butt back here and finish me, riding in the Chariot pulled TOGETHER by your two natures, animal & spiritual.” My Energy for the day to do this is available from Her Golden Glory the Princess of Disks.  She’s a sly girl, our princess. She is in actuality the start and a powerhouse of the Tarot. However, first things first. Here is what VIII Adjustment normally looks like; “Venus in Libra, standing for fairness and justice, with a clear aspect to Saturn. Sign = Libra. On the Tree of Life: connection between Geburah and Tiphareth, with the Element: Air. It is the number: 8 as the number of justice and adjustment (2 x 4, 2 x 2 etc.) The Adjustment is a symbol for the balance of contrasts, complementing one another and also building up room and time. She combines the High Priestess and the Magician. Both are connected - true, conscious action results from realization, wisdom is based on action. The 
principle of activity completes itself with the passivity of inner reflection, the adjustment being the balance in between. Another common name of this trump is 'Justice' - the card tells one to be righteous in all aspects of our life, to ignore, suppress or prefer none if need be. Only when we have an objective view of all and accept them, can we can find inner balance and silence.” (Raven) Well, that is how it is SUPPOSED to be; if it is reversed, as in today, it means the construct has been polluted by one’s self-righteousness. I can cop to that with a sigh, yes, anger was present, I need to NOT jump stages when I’m momentarily too emotional to make a fair & adjusted judgement. Voilà. The Chariot, in the Passive and Feminine placement, speaks rather to a kind of imperious summons to “hurry up, get it right, and let’s get it on down the road! OK, Jack?” In looking for where I am going to find the necessary Energy to straighten myself out, I need look no further than the Princess of Disks. “(Princess of the echoing hills) In Malkuth in the Tree of Life, & astrologically: Venus in the Earth signs. Her Element and world: The Earth in the Earth of Assiah. The Princess of Disks represents the Earth in the Earth, thus she is the pure manifestation of the qualities of Assiah, the physical world of making and growing. She is the last of the court cards and therefore implies a new begin of the circle, which could mean the beginning of a new project or a new physical creation. The Princess of Disks is warm-hearted, sensual and generous, an unwavering and concentrated person with all the reliable stability of the Earth. Yet she lacks Fire and Air, as well as the conforming qualities of Water, she can easily be a little too dependent from outside influences but nevertheless being unable to really adapt to others.” (Raven) This is my girl today, and I grok her, but she has a BOATLOAD of Energy as Assiah in Assiah, so I will gladly accept her gift in order to get my shit straight. It is really no more complicated than that today; a little backup, a little repair, then On the Road Again! I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a pause to check the nuts and bolts today. Be Well, Be Blessed!    

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