Sunday, January 29, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30Jan2017. Today with the Basic Modified spread, and *The Archeon Tarot* by Timothy Lantz, I have pulled the three following cards in their order: 1) Sulfur = IX the Hermit: 2) Mercury = I the Magician, and 3) Salt = the Queen of Swords. As you know, these are also my 1) male, active current, 2) my female passive current; and 3) the androgynous current of the Catalyst for the other two, symbolized in a Court card or an Ace, in other words the energy nexus most needed today. The layout this morning doesn’t baffle me, but it leaves me a bit perplexed. If I’m following a lonely road today, then why would my anima be manifesting I the Magician? 
“Under cover of the Capuchin hood, Marsha secreted herself in the monastery tower until the full moon, when she began to chant and hum, manifesting her Will.” Grin. I doubt that it is quite that Nancy Drew-ish, my Anima is generally waiting her turn to speak, and when she gets the opportunity she has a LOT to say. But skulking around behind my astral back isn’t her/my style; “Go Direct” is MUCH more me. And then there is the question of advancement; does my anima want to go back to I the Magician? Is she feeling like she is just starting at One? Is she recalling I the Magician to/for me? Or is she simply off on a power hunt of her own under feelings of need?  OR is it another reading entirely. Is it, in fact, that in being the 
Hermit recently and engaging in a group Tarot activity at this moment call forth the Magician in my anima in order to capably deal with the group objectives? That actually sounds more ON-LINE as an interpretation FOR me; for someone else, these cards could summon the other interpretation. As for energy to power this Hermetic Magician’s machine, I shall need to draw upon the energy inherent in the nexus known as the Queen of Swords; she has always been and still is my great aide and abettor, furnishing energy to me out of a deep, deep well of it that was created by my personal Queen of Swords, my mother. She could be a neurotic hard-assed bitch, but she always had purpose and energy, and it was more important to her to teach her children to survive & thrive rather than to coddle them.  A Real Queen of Swords mentality.  I did not grieve her passing, but I have powerful memories of her, that serve me still in a fantomatic way. Funnily enough, we have a rendez-vous today with the “croque-mort”, the funeral home representative, to finalize the deal on my burial insurance. My wife has hers, as I insisted, and now it is my turn. Advance planning to make it efficient and rapid, neat & tied-up for any survivors. VERY Queen of Swords! LOL. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a moment of brilliant clarity on our workings today. Be Well, Be Blessed!    

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