Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 04Jan2017. Today’s draw, the 3-card Floater, is drawn using *The Jungian Tarot* by Robert Wang. . . so don’t be surprised when I strap you down for electroshock – Grin. Actually, it is rather straightforward and I’m not going to spend a lot of time tracking down a neuroses that it addresses . . .  it doesn’t. With the energy of the Sun today, I am going to start! Continue a deep sea change going on inside of me. This is being done in an ambiance of emotional caring & support by “the Charming Son,” the Prince of Cups. This terribly capricious young man is terribly vain, coquettish, capricious and a cold observer – but he is a loving person, and when that is accessed he is very generous with his love & support, but that is rare. This is really capricious charm in a box. I am a Fire person, so starting the day with the energy of the son is completely natural, and welcomed! Progressing right into the continuing 
“deep change” going on in me, I can feel it every day. I am growing less tolerant of “things,” of the goodies and mechanisms which crowd my life. I am growing less tolerant off people who are NOT on the Path, and naysayers simply disgust me. I believe I am in danger of becoming a Tarot fanatic, if I haven’t already been one a long time. But more than Tarot, there is the CHANGE necessary in this world if it is going to survive, and the corrupt politico-banking cabal should ALL be shot on sight. I’m changing alright; my focus is becoming narrower, more intense, more focused. I have little time for folderol not involving enlightenment and evolution in SOME way or fashion. I am feeling that I love those people I love more intensely, deeper, more 
passionately without descending to the physical level of out-of-control passion. I have found the man I needed in the men I have, an amalgam of male friendship that is so precious to me that I worry of losing it. Of course I shan’t, I try to keep a constant guard on any weird & wild sorties from the mental/emotional fortress of my craziness, light though it is; I’m crazy in an “accepted” fashion, so there isn’t too much to worry about. Going through today in an ambiance of cheerful, capricious charm is okay, but FAR from what I prefer. I don’t accept “capricious” well, at all. I just want to knock someone on their ass when they get that way and tell them, “There. Get capricious about THAT.” It is a silly, antiquated, manipulative behavior, a holdover from the era when women manipulated men with “caprice.” It was a dangerous game to play, but not hard to win. As an atmosphere, I imagine it will have its moments; I can only hope I get through the day without exploding at some silliness somewhere or part. So that’s it for today, my little chickadees. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of rededication to our evolution and to the Path. Be Well, Blessed Be!   

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