Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01Feb2017. I have used the Basic modified spread, and the deck today is a jewel; *Tarocchi Perrin 1865* created by Claudio Perrin in Milan around 1865. Edited by Giordano Berti. I happen to love the Vergnano, from the same publishing house – Araba Fenice S.a.s., but I like the Perrin a lot, too. Whereas the Vergnano is lively and full of odd surprises, I find the Perrin to be more decorous, elegant, even distant, where elegance of composition takes place over novelty. Onward & Upward! Today my Sulfur/Mercury/ Salt mixture in the Athanor is 1) XI Strength; 2) XIII Death, and 3) King of Swords. “I’ve seen a lot o’ Death, lately, ma’am, an’ I don’ reckon he has business with me right now;” which is to say that in my Mercury/feminine/passive current, and in this configuration, I’m going to place my shekels on the idea that my Anima is gearing up for Change, capital C. As I master yet again my dual nature today, 
(a theme that has been popping up a lot lately, either in her or VII the Chariot,) it gives me a supersized packet of determination to unite my being and face the change which follows. My anima has been bucking and prancing a lot lately, with Sword women and others taking over the ship in dominant guises. It is all alright with me; my anima and I achieved a permanent truce, even a treaty if you will, several years ago when I went through a deeply shadowed time of meeting her again, after a long time, and a rather tense settling of old grudges and ‘beefs’.  I love her, I do, but she can be even more of a bitch than me, which is saying something! Grin. Yes, I’m cracking jokes; she is inherently part of me, of course, and not an outside force. But patterned as she is on the women I knew in early childhood, she tends to be a ballbuster. BBs are admirable for their death grip on their character, and fun to watch, but they are High-fuckin’-Maintenance to live with in a home.  There is no doubt in my mind AT ALL that it is why I married a very Zen, very calm woman who’s only desire was to give her love entirely to someone. Low Maintenance is the only way to go, if you want to keep your being within reasonable stress levels. And this goes for women, too, especially if you are married to a “Drama Queen,” who blows everything out of proportion, to the point of ridicule. High Maintenance men are always narcissistic and care far more for themselves than they ever care about anyone else. The hubris is suffocating, along with the self-righteousness. Whew! Big sidetrack! LOL. So, with Strength in my 
masculine & active current and Death/Change in my feminine passive current, I can see that at least both are traveling in the same direction, but how do I catalyze them together in one addition? Surprising enough to me, my energy nexus is to don, yet once again, the robes of the role I just recently vacated in order to change Courts, the King of Swords. I know him intimately, in & out, and I MUST remember not to fall into old habits as I don the old robes. But by damn, he is an intelligent dude, and he has a VERY forceful way about him. “The king of the Martian and Saturnian element naturally is the king of matter and of war, i.e. also he who wins war and conducts the battle of earthy interests. It denotes the dominion and rulership of this element, consequently the military chief . . .  As the ruler of the ascendant, the card may certainly mean any person heading a cycle of material activity and before all a pioneer on this plane, an independent man living on his own means. While material integrity is implicit, duplicity, doubt, double-dealing or uncertainty are definitely excluded. It indicates material certainty and severity, whether benefic or malefic from a personal point of view, healthy or rude, even cruel.” (A.E. Thierens, *General Book of the Tarot*) As you can see, not a guy to fuck around on any level.  This is all in all a dynamic reading, at any rate, and it will be interesting to see the day develop. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the Strength we need for today. Be Well, Be Blessed! 


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