Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 12Jan2017; today I am using the Three Card Floater spread and the deck is the Tarot of Marseille by Pole Ka. It is a quirky & highly individual deck, and I enjoy it, though it didn’t give me that frisson during the reading that some decks do. However, I’ll try it again because I WANT it to work, I like it that much. So today is taken with a large grain of salt because my Intuition didn’t feel engaged, which is indeed rare. It has knocked me right out of a “reading mood,” (meaning an exegesis on the draw), therefore I’m going to present the cards as is with textbook meanings; the way to apply them to myself today is as a blind draw that has overtones of sadness, holding back, and lack of inspiration, not to mention a more somber atmosphere than the cards will seek to warrant, because although I had no intuition on the cards, I COUDLD feel the somber atmosphere, almost Victorian Gothic. . oh well, onward and upward! My first card, my “Sulfur” is the male, active current today carrying XVIIII The Sun. The following is from A. E; Thierens book, “The General Book of the Tarot” and he is talking about a “normal” Marseille Sun card, so take that into account. “The naked child mounted on a white horse and displaying a red standard has been mentioned already as the better symbolism connected with this card. It is the destiny of the Supernatural East and the great and holy light which goes before the endless procession of humanity, coming out from the walled garden of the sensitive life and passing on the journey home. The card signifies, therefore, the transit from the manifest light of this world, represented by the glorious sun of earth, to the light of the world to come, which goes before aspiration and is typified by the heart of a child. But the last allusion is again the key to a different form or aspect of the symbolism. The sun is that of consciousness in the spirit - the direct as the antithesis of the reflected light. The characteristic type of humanity has become a little child therein--a child in the sense of simplicity and innocence in the sense of wisdom. In that simplicity, he bears the seal of Nature and of Art; in that innocence, he signifies the restored world. When the self-knowing spirit has dawned in 
the consciousness above the natural mind, that mind in its renewal leads forth the animal nature in a state of perfect conformity.” (above) Now wrap that in a kind of menacing cloak or think of the Sun at high noon over a frozen desert and the unbearable heat above over the frostbite below; that is a vivid description of the feeling I am having, only not that dramatic. On to the second card, my “Mercury” card, which is female, passive and running current with OR against my Sulfur card. Today it is XVII the Star and while I can see & feel the hope there is no feeling of “charity or love” around the sensation; more as if a duty is being carried out, efficiently but emotionless, if not for a bit of spite in the eyes. (The card, not the Star Virgin herself! Grin.) Thierens has this to say about her, again referencing a traditional TdeMarseille deck; “A great, radiant star of eight rays, surrounded by seven lesser stars--also of eight rays. The female figure in the foreground is entirely naked. Her left knee is on the land and her right foot upon the water. She pours Water of Life from two great ewers, irrigating sea and land. Behind her is rising ground and on the right a shrub or tree, whereon a bird alights. The figure expresses eternal youth and beauty. The star is l'étoile flamboyante, which appears in Masonic symbolism, but has been confused therein. That which the figure communicates to the living scene is the substance of the heavens and the elements. It has been said truly that the mottoes of this card are "Waters of Life freely" and "Gifts of the Spirit." The summary of several tawdry explanations says that it is a card of hope. On other planes it has been certified as immortality and interior light. For the majority of prepared minds, the figure will appear as the type of Truth unveiled, glorious in undying beauty, pouring on the waters of the soul some part and measure of her priceless possession. But she is in reality the Great Mother in the Kabalistic Sephira Binah, which is supernal Understanding, who communicates to the Sephiroth that are below in the measure that they can 
receive her influx.” (Ibid.) Finally, as my “Salt” or “Catalyst” card, (and this is where I’ve changed the Three Principles spread) I have drawn the King of Deniers/Coins. This card is drawn from all the Court cards and the 4 aces. I intend it to indicate the energy nexus for the day, either by abstract description, or possibly by the arrival in my life today of this personality type; it is usually the former. The energy nexus type? Well, see if you can find it here; “The figure calls for no special description the face is rather dark, suggesting also courage, but somewhat lethargic in tendency. The bull's head should be noted as a recurrent symbol on the throne. The sign of this suit is represented throughout as engraved or blazoned with the pentagram, typifying the correspondence of the four elements in human nature and that by which they may be governed. In many old Tarot packs this suit stood for current coin, money, deniers. I have not invented the substitution of pentacles and I have no special cause to sustain in respect of the alternative. But the consensus of divinatory meanings is on the side of some change, because the cards do not happen to deal especially with questions of money.” (Ibid.) And there we have it; a rather murky and inconclusive reading for what I presume is going to be a murky and inconclusive day. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a serene acceptance of the necessity to simply wait for the plot to catch up with us. Be Well, Bless Be!   

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