Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 05Jan2017. Today is again a 3 Card Floater day, with an usual deck, the *Bonefire Tarot* by Gabi Angus West. This from Aeclectic about the deck; “The Bonefire Tarot is a vibrant reimagining of the Rider-Waite, painted in a style influenced by vintage tattoo art. It's inspired by the symbolism of the 'bone fire', a time for ritual celebration, cleansing, rebirth and renewal.” Well, yes, but that’s not all it is. This deck has been a legend since its issue quite a few years ago, and of course you can’t find a copy to save your soul now. I happened on mine by Chance & patience; I wrote the creator, Nope. BUT, I could be put on a waiting list if one became available. I was contacted a year later – she had one that had been returned or found or something, but did I want it, as she was jumping the list to contact me as I seemed more eager than the rest. I said yes, of course, and now I have one of these magical decks. 
I don’t like the art style particularly, nor the size (small-ish & square) but they live up to their reputation; they read like a dream! Keep one eye open on eBay just in case . . . you may get lucky! Onward & upward. Today I received these cards in this order: XV The Devil reversed; II The High Priestess and The Ace of Cups reversed at the last. Well! Right off the top of my head, I like the reading, I . . . think. For my Sulfur today the Devil reversed seems perfect; I’m not feeling very go-go on promoting the material these days, nor am I giving lip service to the lie of cynicism, which is “you’ve got to make an arrangement with the material or otherwise you won’t get things done!” Initiation and Illumination aren’t making a deal with the Mob, for Juno’s sake! “Yo! You grease my palm, baby, and I’ll make sure you ain’t got no problems . . .” Balderdash! I’m not heavily tight with the Devil these days, and haven’t been for a while; that was an infatuation of my youth. §I’ve had most of what the material has to offer, and “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” It’s all such smoke & mirrors and nothing truly satisfies. IF one has an ounce of sense, one realizes that getting on the Path and following it is the only real work worth doing while we are here. As my Mercury, I have drawn II The High Priestess, and boy! am I glad to see her! It feels so natural, so good to turn one’s back on the big 3D perceptional world and, leaving al behind, enter her temple wearing only a the clothes on my back and armed only with my curiosity, my thirst. 
If you are going to turn your back on the 3D, then it is good to have somewhere to go! I happen to be heading for her temple today, after my ritual turn down of the 3D (ritual only because I’m not an anchorite somewhere in a frightful desert atop a pillar.) Spending today in the Temple sounds lovely, and encouraging, really. These two currents, partners, are being directed to harmonize by the energy described as the Ace of Coins, but I have drawn it reversed. Once again, this is a great big refusal of the 3D! I could read this more complex and convoluted, and thus vitiate it of its meaning when considered simply. “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, Dr. Freud.” This hand could be read with a great deal more complexity altogether, but why do that? Simply to intellectually masturbate over a very simple reading? To prove that I AM intuitive and DO see things in the cards others can’t? Oh, horseshit. I know all of that, & I’m the only person who needs to know it, actually. No, I’m just doing as the very Cosmos does, although at times it certainly doesn’t seem so; simplify, simplify, simplify. There is a great deal of impatience in our make-up as a species. We ALWAYS want too much too soon. We bore easily. All of which supplies fuel for your engines; the trick is to use your engines to get your ass down the road of initiation and spend your life evolving towards Apotheosis. With that in mind, and a day of carefully spending quiet time for my profit, it all sounds quite a regular day on the sidereal calendar. Speaking of which, official mourning for Osiris starts tomorrow, for 70 days, the time of embalmment. He was taken to the House of Rebirth 4 days ago for the cleansing of the body. This now accomplished, the embalming begins, & lasts 70 days. So, if Egypt rings a bell in your soul, as it does mine, give a thought to Osiris (Wsr) tomorrow. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a day free of the weight of other realms when we need to be focused today. Be Well, Blessed Be!     

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