Friday, January 13, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 14Jan2017: today I am using my Floating Three spread, and the deck for today is *Le Tarot des Alchimistes* by Jean Beauchard, a French deck. For the draw, it is 1) Sulfur, masculine current = VIII Themis (Justice) reversed; Mercury, feminine current = V Le Sacerdose (Hierophant), and 3) the Catalyst, an energy nexus or a person carrying that energy = Ace of Vases (Water.) Well! First of all, I’m surprised to see Themis on her head, but I can’t intuit a deliberate flouting of the law; I feel reversed like this it is signaling that the lazy, let-it-slide “masculine” attitude I sometimes indulge is today centered on VIII. This is not a good thing! Justice & I have been good friends for years, and I don’t want to insult her or lose all of the progress I have made on her behalf. Therefore, 
I shall need to pay close attention today to be sure that I don’t let Justice down. The feminine current, Mercury = Le Sacerdose (Hierophant,) and thank heavens he’s upright; the feminine is in school today, learning her organized spiritual needs & teachings. It’s rather an odd alchemical marriage set-up, precisely because it so deftly mixes the Athanor today. My male is female and my female is male, and the entire marriage is being energized not by the Bunny, but by the Ace of Vases, the nascent or even blossoming power of love and intuition. It is a gigantic emotional influx of energy that must be deployed to be effective & non-destructive. The flower blossoming out of the Sun/Moon sphere is symbolic of judicious choices made by the Heart’s voice. It doesn’t seem to be more difficult than that today; keep an eye on laziness regarding Justice, Mark, and continue your studies into the occult as you have been 
doing. Your love for both subjects will make them working partners in keeping to a straight Path. So, voilà! I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL an n easy day to decipher and interpret along with a sharp eye on personal responsibility. Be Well, Blessed Be!      

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