Thursday, January 5, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 06Jan2017. If you are a Christian believer, today is the Epiphany, otherwise known as the day of the Three Wise Men. I’m not sure about myrrh, but I could use some frankincense & gold, thank you. Oh well, enough fable. Today I have, again, used the Floating 3-Card spread, and today’s deck is – gasp! - the *Rider Waite Tarot Deck*, by A. E. Waite, that star of stage, screen & television and Pamela Colman Smith. I was prompted to use this deck when, retiring last night, it jumped from its accustomed bed and struck me forcefully in the testicles, screaming, “Use me!” Grin . . . not really, but it DID pop out mysteriously last night and I thought, automatically, “it wants to be read.” I readily admit it has been a long time since I’ve read with an RSW deck, and it is indeed like going home & seeing old friends & acquaintances. So, for Sulphur, Mercury & Salt I pulled VII the Chariot; XX Judgement, and the Queen of Cups. 
Now, if you’ve paid the minimum 10 sesterces at the portal (yes, I’m expensive) then you get the standard summed up “reading,” or really an oracle, so to speak. For instance, here I would tell my client, hands red from doing her wash at the river, that if she hurried home, she could catch her husband and that sexy blonde neighbor in a “loving atmosphere” and that she needs to render judgment upon it. . . LOLOL, no of course not, but sometimes crazy things like that DO flit through your brain, having a bit of malicious fun: hopefully one doesn’t indulge the passing urge. In that same shorthand, Morse Code kind of way, I can render the serious read I see there for myself: “I’m going to need to harness my two energies together today, as I’m going to need them both, working in harmonious concert, to get through the day. Indeed I might, as I see a Judgement coming up of the very important type today, as well as, surprisingly, the Queen of Cups. I certainly don’t know whether the Queen is involved in being judged or judging, but one presumes it is the ENERGY that is present, not the person. Remember, Judgement isn’t Judgement in the Christian sense as such; it is more of a balance sheet you keep for yourself to keep a close eye on the “economics” of your growth as a human being. Therefore if Judgement is present, it is mellow & passive today, as it is in the Mercury position of passive and 
feminine, what I think of as a countercurrent to the 1st card, and the 3rd card helps them to meet, combine & flow together. The Queen is oddly placed in such a “martial” foreground (the Chariot and Judgement, both military-ish looking.) What the card says it is in the LWB that comes with the deck; “A good, fair woman, honest, devoted, who will do service to the Querent. [Odd, ‘to’, not ‘for’.] Loving intelligence, hence the gift of vision, success, happiness, pleasure, also wisdom, virtue.” Sounds deadly fucking bland to me; eh? Doesn’t it to you? Yes, I know you agree with me (Grin.) When I think of Venus, Aphrodite, the Queen of Cups, the Queen of Love, I hardly think of some super-housewife along the lines of June Cleaver or Donna Reed (who in a scene once, I swear, leapt out of bed at 3 in the morning, hair perfectly done, wearing her heels & pearls!!! Ahahaha!) No, I think of an exciting, mysterious, beautiful & unreadable, & wise beyond ken woman, one whose eyes shine with intelligence, love & measured challenge. Granted, I’m rather a tyro when it comes to women – I lived a mostly gay life until I was 53 when I married my wife whom I had met two years earlier when relocating to France. That was 12 years ago now, and I have never been happier because I have what I always wanted, of either sex – a helpmeet. Yes, I would still like to dally around with a guy from time to time, but as I age in a happy marriage it just isn’t worth the effort, even though my wife knows & says she understands. Um hmm . . . I’ve heard that before . . . from a fiancée that, at the last minute, simply changed grooms and penciled in the new guy on our announcements!!: LOLOL, that always gets me! Ahahaha! Okay, well, that is enough folderol for today. Checking my blend of natures with the help of the Queen of Cups, I need to be aware of the process of Judgement present somewhere along the way today. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today a smooth progress in whichever Energy Court one finds oneself. Be Well, Blessed Be!   

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