Monday, January 23, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to the Fool’s Tarot for 24Jan2017. As usual lately, I’m using the modified Three Principles spread, and today the deck is again the *Golden Dawn Temple Tarot* by Farrell & Wendrich. It is an odd thing about some very few decks; you like it, but are not all that impressed with it, it doesn’t “zing.” Then (in my case due to a recent reshuffling of my deck rotation,) you run across it again and suddenly it can do everything but dance & sing, and it reads for you like an out loud 3rd voice (after you & the Querent.)This deck has done exactly that; I even used it last night in an impromptu reading for a friend in spiritual pain, and it gave us insights like a champion. Thus, again. Today for Sulfur I have drawn XIV Temperance; for Mercury is VI the Lovers reversed, and my Salt is the Prince of Swords. Sulfur, Mercury, Salt; Male, Female, Androgynous; Active, Passive & Catalyst. I had an “interfered” start; 
I drew the 1st card, and another flew out of the deck. I replaced it, and prepared to draw the 2nd when “a” card flew out of the deck, again. So, I took the card (unseen) & placed it as Sulfur, and withdrew the 1st card (unseen.) More about that later. So, as Sulfur, what turned up (literally) is my old sparring partner Temperance, who has since become my good friend. She wasn’t terribly welcome chez moi when I was I young, but my aging increased her value many times over to me personally. This deck gives you two choices for XIV; the other is the white angle with a rainbow overhead and all is coconut frosted angel cake. Not for me, thank you; Temperance isn’t a simpering idiot, THIS is more her, an active, forceful magic archetype who WORKS HARD to establish and keep a balance, a moderation in all things. You could say she is Ma’at’s Chief of Staff, with all of the ensuing duties and prerogatives. Which is apparently needed today, as my Mercurial Feminine seems bent on indulging in the wrong choice; addiction, impulsive decisions, separation, loss. Well, I can see that I must invoke and let Temperance guide me in the fashion by which I shall correct her behavior, or at least keep a rein on the desires & urges. I always favor a good spanking, but am so rarely indulged 
(Grin.) I am not EXACTLY going to take it for granted that I shall succeed in instilling some moderation into Mercury, but the chances are heavily in my favor seeing as how this is an old skirmish, between Me & me. Moving on to my Salt, the Catalyst to run these two together in a smooth ride, is today the Prince of Swords, an admirable choice if I do say so myself. I can literally SEE where he is the exact right combination of energies to facilitate the taming of the Lovers. “He is Air of Air and he is ALL about being an open-minded, intellectual kind of guy. While he is full of ideas, he is suspicious by nature (good, today!) but firm in friendship, he’s an abstract thinker who can be challenging & stimulating, but he is more comfortable alone, without a lot of excess emotion and very independent.” (LWB & Me) It is HIGHLY unlikely that this is a person who is going to walk through my door today; not impossible, just unlikely. Therefore, as usual, I treat this as the Energy card, the Catalyst that is going to make functional the pairing of Temperance and the Lovers. “On a day ruled by the Prince of Swords it will be our inner world we need to direct our attention towards. We need to study our thoughts, and allow them the time to extend. Too often a thought crosses our mind and we are unable to give that thought the room to grow and develop until it achieves its maximum potential - and because this happens very often we fail to live up to ourselves too.” ( I’m not quite in accord with that ultimate statement, but okay, let it pass. After all, what I’m after here is the Energy nexus, I’m not fishing in a young man’s waters for his judgement of me. You can sink that idea. All in all, it’s not a bad day reading, just a day when some work must be done to understand why Mercury is swinging wildly in her “orbit” at this time and to do something about it. “Yes, Chief? I understand the mission, Chief. Over and out.” Today I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the ability to adjust the mechanics of our Journeys. Be Well, Blessed Be!  

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