Friday, January 6, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 07Jan2017; you know, I’m writing dates now that seemed to me, in 1963, to be fantasy numbers denoting a Buck Rogers future. Instead, I’m looking at Donald Trump. What a fucking disappointment. At any rate, today I’m using the Elements modified, or my 3-Card Floater spread, and the deck is *The Mythical Creatures Tarot* by Sophie Nusslé. It is a knockout line drawing large format Tarot deck, and the art is exquisite; it reads well. Once again the Tarot has given me that card it thinks most appropriate to my Sulphuric, masculine, Active energy, and as usual, it is 0 the Fool. Ha! I joke a bit; the Fool does come up a lot for me, but so do Judgement, the Hermit, the male Swords & Wands, & occasionally either the Magus or the Hierophant. It sees me pretty clearly in a limited number of cards with which I have no real disagreement, just a bit of pique that I am so transparent to the deck. Grin. Amadán Mór is an interesting Fool, much riskier, chancier, much more “dark” than one would normally see in 0 the Fool. He’s a bit like a mischievous-to-the-point-of-danger Pied Piper of Hamelin; He lures his chosen into a life of “crazy adventure,”
 that CAN take you into madness and oblivion if you don’t pay attention. He’s symbolic of a fresh start, a risky endeavor & leaving your comfort zone. Taking a BIG gamble. That’s all fine & good, bit with age has come a lessening of the crazed impulses of my youth, and while I am still willing and able to follow Amadán Mór, I devote much more thought to analysis of the odds and percentage of survival than before. As my Mercurially passive current today, the feminine, it lays in VI the Lovers. As we already know, this isn’t really a card about true love & a romantic heterosexual one-on-one union; this s about the choice given to the initiate at this stage, whether to ”marry Lilith or Eve,” which is to say does he choose the road of knowledge or the road of physical experience? Lilith is dangerous knowledge and has great allure; Eve has the charm of the fresh & pure & virginal & FERTILE. In art, Lilith is usually the sultry, smoky brunette and Eve is the milk-complexioned blonde. Personally, I have always preferred Gilda rather than Madame X. (Films. Rita Hayworth over Lana Turner.) In this card, we have the mermaid & suitor, though I prefer to reference Melusine, a Gallic/Celtic mermaid myth of the same import. She falls in love with a landlubber, & is forced to 
spend her time split between Earth and Water. Unhappy, she finally dies, on Earth, but her spirit continues to live in Water. The artist has made this card about romantic choice, with which I am less in agreement, but I get the drift, and so should anybody else; choice; “virtue or vice?” (although “vice” isn’t really it, more “materialism.”) My choice was clear and not to terribly hard to make; I had already thoroughly explored vice, so it was time to renew my earliest metaphysical yearnings BEFORE I made the choice. I had an entire cosmogony worked out; it has changed since then, but the idea has not. But that card is a call today to REMEMBER my choice, apparently because there will be a temptation in the opposite direction? Hmmm. And finally, the energy that holds the high hand today is the King of Coins. Well, this energy is very brutish & powerful with almost no subtlety to it. Ms. Nusslé has given us a generic giant, but he is marginally smarter and cleverer than other giants, and who, like the greater number of his brethren, is immensely rich. He has mastery over the resources of the Earth, and he has no qualms about using them to crush an enemy or aide a friend. If reversed, he’s the rich, powerful, uncivilized bully, but here he isn’t, thankfully. In this case, it is a reminder to stick to my principles and take care to value your home & family today at their true, inestimable worth. It is a dominant, wholly masculine energy of the scene today, and yet t urges me to concentrate on domesticity and the value of the hearth. After having made the right choice today, following upon my departure as/with the Fool, it would turn out to be okay and acceptable; the Fool’s challenge is met and transformed from challenge to learning grid. I can live with that. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a moment today when our choices on the Path give us a glimpse of their outcomes. Be Well, Be Blessed!   

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