Sunday, January 8, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08Jan2017 : as usual now I am using my 3-Card Floater, 2 Majors & a Court card; the 2 MAs are 1) my “Sulphur” card, Active, Male; “Animus,” etc., and 2) my “Mercury” card, Passive, Female, “Anima,” etc. and the Court card represents the Energy ambiance of the day. I am using *The Deck of the Dead* Tarot by Seven, LLC. It is one of 7’s specialty decks, oversized and very beautiful in the sepia-toned fashion of sepulchral art. For today’s draw I have pulled 1) VIII Strength reversed; 2) XVIII The Moon, & 3) the Page of Wands. It is a day of weakened strength, which is good as I’m feeling a bit withdrawn anyway, and the day spent exploring XVIII the Moon is fine with me. I’d kind-of-sort-of-rather it was II the High Priestess, the “sane” version of the Moon, so to speak. They are quite different creatures, the High Priestess & Luna. One hidden & withdrawn, guarding her Wisdom & her Silence, inviting you in only to discover yourself, and the other rather schizophrenically present on the stage, 
come & go, what kind of “performance” totally up to chance, a reflected glory of which she may or may not be jealous, depending upon her level of craziness at the moment. I happen to love the Moon, but not when she’s “too far in the vaps.” (BTW, that is something my wife does constantly; she spends a LOT of her time in the vaps, contemplating her own fantasies & amusing herself with them. She’s not crazy, however; she’s just too gentle for most of the harshness of modern reality. She comes from another century, another time when manners & politesse reigned. Why she married me is a constant mystery.)  As I said, if Strength is low (my two natures, animal & angelic, not really keeping a tight weave today,) then a day with the Moon is better than a lot of things I can imagine. This Moon is a statue of Diane de Poitiers, the mistress “en titre” of two- count ‘em, 2 – Renaissance kings of France, François I and Henry II. Her beauty was legendary (it must have been, to be seductive to TWO kings, father & son, in succession) and she was a natural 
huntress, which is why she is also often depicted as Artemis/Luna. After Henry II’s death, Catherine de Medici, his wife, persecuted her unmercifully. Enough history . . . moving on, the Energy for the day, the energy that powers the catalyzation of 1 & 2, comes from the Page of Cups. News? What news? Where? When? How? Why? Well, he’s here to tell me, it seems, yet as Air energy he is full of swirling action; as well, he is faithful to his vows. For more on the theoretical side of this young man, A. E. Thierens has this to say; “Theory - We have to keep in mind that the page of Air relates to the Third and to the Eleventh house both. Some of the indications show the mark of Aquarian, i.e. Uranian parentage, others are purely mercurial. The pages always cover the meaning of houses of Air, as we have seen the page of the airy element--wands--is the most airy of them all. The interpretation is easy enough, and the renderings are quite correct, with the exception of one item: we can never see this page as a 'stranger' but rather as an acquaintance, a friend, conforming to the connection with the eleventh house. That with the Third house even may bring his personal standing nearer to the Querent, viz. as a brother or schoolmate.” (*The General Book of the Tarot*) Well, there’s enough Energy there, it seems, directed in messenger mode dealing with my keeping company with the Moon today. Perhaps messages between us? Or about us? Or warnings to us? Who knows, the day will tell, so I can’t worry my pips about that for the moment. All in all, it’s not a “bad” reading, in the sense of import, but I wouldn’t say that it is quite far still from being a “good” reading – rather, it gives me the info that today can be interesting if I wish to use the Energy to figure out her message for me. I can always do it with whole heart and good will so we shall see what happens. At any rate, a calm Sunday with the Moon “in” my wife and atmosphere is promising. I ask the Cosmos to give us a measure of Balance today. Be Well, Blessed Be!    

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