Monday, January 16, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool‘s Tarot for 17Jan2017. Today’s spread is unhelpful and the deck I have used is *I Tarocchi della Fortuna* by Il Meneghello in Milan. The spread started out as a classical basic three card draw called the Three Principles of Alchemy spread, with the cards representing, in order, Sulfur, Mercury & Salt. Or, in other terms; Male, Female, & Androgynous. Or, in other terms yet again, Active, Passive, & Catalyst. Drawn only from the Major Arcana (obviously!) So, today’s draw has me walking tight little circles, trying to figure out where to go from here, if anywhere, because staying at home in a closet under a pile of dirty clothes may be actually preferable to going anywhere. Allow me to explain: I rose in the middle of the night for a “night summons,” and afterwards didn’t feel too sleepy so I thought I would go and brew a cup of herbal tea and trying the bed again. 
So, I woke more & more, until finally I WAS fully awake. “Aw hell, if I’m awake, it IS ‘tomorrow,’ so I might as well draw the cards for the day. Thus I went to lay & read the cards. All went well with the foreplay, and then came the time to turn & read. So, I did. There, staring at me, were 1) the Fool; 2) the Moon & 3) the Chariot. Well, I was at a loss temporarily, I didn’t know in which direction to read this combo; and thus thinking over the matter, I tried again & went to bed, thinking to myself that I would resolve it in the morning. Now, please take into mind that when I say something is difficult to read, it isn’t because I couldn’t read them, it was because I saw no sense in the progression given MY situation and life at the moment. The same 3 cards will mean different things for every single person you could read, every time. There will never be 2 identical interpretations for two different people; it simply isn’t possible, the interpretation is as individual as the individual hirself. A quick & sloppy 15-second read could give you, “Well, 
the Fool, that’s you, steps out today and ignores his intuition and psychic feelings and is thus hit by a car.” LOL, like I said, it COULD be read that way; or, it could be that something is astrologically going on with the Moon, Mercury & Gemini. Or etc. etc. etc. Asking for clarification, I drew another card and received XIII Death! Well, it seems Joe the Plumber’s accident just turned fatal! [Actually, mine!] O-k-a-a-a-y, well, either we did have death, or we had a deep change in the Fool because of a psychic event or perhaps I purchase a deathtrap auto – no, that won’t happen because I gave up driving when I moved to Europe. I never want to own a car again! Well, I could play with the phony reads all day, but as for the serious read, I was a bit “mystified,” or flummoxed; “OK, Mark, get serious and sit your butt down and THINK.” I am, occasionally, the Fool in a reading, especially in the category of “setting out on a voyage or path to a goal.” The Moon and I do 
NOT visit regularly; I have issues with crazy women; there has been one in my life since the age of 3, and although that particularly person is no longer the titleholder, there is, of course, another; Nature abhors a vacuum. I LOVE the Moon; oddly enough, just NOT that “quarter” of her. The burden is particularly heavy and intense in ways you can’t imagine unless you have lived or are living it. I asked, AGAIN, for a third, & FINAL, clarifier. I received #1 the Magician. Okay, put it on the Moonmist list as to sustainability, but rather than being wowed by what I was seeing I began to focus on the numbers. Taking the five cards together, 0-1- 7 – 13 – 18, gives me the number 12, and thus the 12th Arcana as a resolution. The Hanged Man, which HAS been popping up more recently in my reads: let’s put it this way, I’m not surprised, and as I stated before, I’m okay with the idea of self-sacrifice in some manner for my eventual progress. I can and DO read the cards on a more metaphysical level than that Fool – Psychic-ism – Death rap; and, of 
course, I would never do that to anyone other than me or friends who grok my sense of humor. (Just in case, if I don’t post tomorrow, begin to wonder . . . .)What I am GOING to do, then, with this reading is go back to what I originally drew; VII the Chariot. As a Catalyst for the Fool and the Moon, I have to admit that unless it is something in plain sight, such as that encounter being RIGHTAROUNDTHECORNER, I am at a bit of a loss applying the Chariot’s energy nexus to a psychic event of the Fool with the Moon. I know it will become clear as the day progresses, or perhaps I won’t see it until I review the day before I retire (review mentally; I’m not so insane as to keep a written record of what slithers out of my mind!). Wat IS good about today’s reading is the challenge of it. I have been quietly whining to myself about the same-ole-sameness of the hands I‘ve been getting day after day after day; today I do believe that the Cosmos has taken up the glove I threw down and said, “Challenge accepted! Ahahaha!” It could have been worse, I suppose; I could have been thrust into playing the role of Norma Desmond in a 3rd-rate traveling transvestite roadshow of “Sunset Boulevard.” RuPaul forbid! I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a clear direction for today. Be Well, Blessed Be!    

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