Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10Jan2017 ; today I used the classical, alchemical Three Principles spread, Sulfur/Mercury/Salt-Catalyst; as a deck, I’ve chosen the Il Meneghello special version (extra-large), Majors only deck *Il Soprafino* Tarot, (1992) originally by Gummpenberg of Milano, 1835. It is a special order, and stunningly beautiful. As the three “elements” showing up today, I have drawn 1) I Il Bagetell (the Magician): 2) XXI Il Mondo (the World) and as the 3rd draw I have XX Il Giudizio (Judgement.) It is a stunningly simple spread, and yet as complex as these things can get considering ALL of their various interactions. Short version for Mr. McQuack who will probably stiff you at the end of the session; “You are moving into a period of mastery over yourself and the Elements; you have a LOT to learn on the road ahead, but you are more than adequately equipped to take the journey. This journey is going to be “global” for you, perhaps not geographically but certainly intellectually and spiritually. At the end lies the promise of you, fulfilled. The current that is most favorable in your day to further these goals is the trump Judgement; this isn’t that last, old-time-religion Last Judgement even though the art depicts that. This is the fair and equal balance of Judgement in YOURSELF, and the necessity to rigorously apply it to yourself in order to, as you reach the final stretch of the Path, fairly judge yourself as a work of enlightenment and take stock, especially of what may still be lacking, and taking steps to refine and hone your ‘admission papers.’ 
Favoritism, inequality and cronyism aren’t going to form the instruments of Enlightenment, EVER, so be just, ABOVE ALL with yourself. Does that all make sense to you, Mr. McQuack? Do you need any points clarified, or is their a concept or idea you don’t understand? If not, I hope that reading has brought you clarification. You may leave your donation in the vase on the table. Thank you for consulting the Tarot.” Of course, it really isn’t all that cut & dried, is it? Yes, I am a magician, although I look rather disreputable and rather a mountebank on that card! Grin. I can be a magician at the start of ANY day, EVERY day, if I so choose. Lately, for several months now, I perform a magical ritual every single morning before I read the cards; it is short and sweet and quite effective for my needs, the calling of Divine Witness to both inspire and encourage. I invoke the deities I prefer, and then after finishing the ritual, I read the cards, and then my day starts for real. (Morning, quotidian chores were done before the spellwork, so as to “clear the decks” for my action.) Above all, being a Magician is being Conscious. I won’t go into that, it is long, but it is basic. My Passive, feminine current is going to be running side-by-side, underneath or overhead, today she is gently reminding me that true “World status” comes only after Judgement, and guess who is the only person capable of passing judgement on me, the Magician, except me, the future World? It is absolutely necessary to remember that the idea that Time is linear is a complete and total lie. Results CAN happen before Causes, it happens in exotic particle physics all the time (so to speak. In a way, it is the basis upon which they built CERN in Switzerland, hoping to create the Higgs-Boson particle, the ‘God’ particle. They did, by the way, & I am completely uncertain whether to cheer & applaud or to gasp in horrified resignation.) XXI the World has always been a card that has my respect but not my love; I “grok” it as the end of the Journey, and of course am happy, or will be, to “see her” at the (temporary) end of the Road. But she doesn’t ENGAGE me, as other cards do, and it occurs to me that perhaps she engages very few people, in fact. I don’t know, I was just wondering. As for Judgement, the only overriding reason I like this particular Judgement card is that it shows the damned as well as the saved; modern artwork “whites out” the bad news that not everyone will reach enlightenment; that is political correctness at work, and 
we all know that pc-ness is something I so deeply despise that I believe it not worthy to keep company with my feces. (True! LOL) Besides, I rather like that sweet, plump faced, rosy-cheeked angel blowing horn; I imagine hir saying, with that ultra condensated-milk sweet face, “Hi, guys! You’re FUCKED now!! Mwuahahaha!” One can always hope . . . LOL.  Actually, that is the old & cynical me saying that; I cannot, with any conviction whatsoever, say I believe in ANY of that hoary, Christian hooey about Megiddo and the Chinese army and the Last of Days & the breaking of the Seals, etc. Apocalypse, quoi. Bullshit, meant to scare the ignorant and primitive masses into obedience; “you need us to protect you from the wrath of a psychotic being who punishes you if he isn’t abashedly adored.” That sounds like Carrie White’s mother set up the process! (*Carrie* by Stephen King) Well, folks . . . FUCK ALL OF THAT. If you REALLY have to have a mythology to live your life, may I recommend the Egyptian? The theosophical processes are quite deeply developed and spiritually sound, OR choose any one of then that doesn’t LIE to you. Beyond the fun format of mythologies and their movie sets, there is the real belief in the Divine, which I hope to exemplify for my world. Beyond my “fun” Egyptian religious stance is an anchored-in-my-being belief in the Divine and the “machinery of the Cosmos” as all a magnificent, gorgeous, beyond-human-imagination process that The Divine has created to know itself. We are infinitesimal parts of a great, divine working out of Self-Knowledge. Not too grubby as far as life purposes go, eh? Of course, let’s admit it; the being has resources, resources beyond anything you can pick up at the art store. My part of that process ends in this lifetime by repeating the growth cycles of The Tree of Life, as often as possible for the period of my existence here. It is the basic Alchemical process, performed on a human being by himself, of refining and re-refining the base substance of my being to the gold of a transcendent Mark. I like to think that at the very least I DO have a shot at it. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a confidence in our destinies as spiritual beings. Be Well, Blessed Be!    

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