Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 02Feb2017. It is of course the Basics Modified spread today and the deck is *The Jungian Tarot* by Robert Wang. As Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt I have drawn I the Magician, III the Empress and the Ace of Cups. 5 Golden Cherries!!! I WIN BIG!!! Ha. This is a special draw for me as it answers a profound question I had last night; during a 4 day Gated draw, my hidden talent was revealed to be the 10 of Wands. Needless to say, this puzzled me deeply . . . the 10 of Wands? In the *Tarot of Saqqara*, which I am using in that exercise, the 10 of Wands is pretty classic; burden, oppressive power, etc. However, there is also Levity, Generosity, & Self-sacrifice, They are however, heavily outweighed by the harsher interpretations, as 
indeed the card is also known as the Lord of Oppression. That didn’t seem such a big fucking hidden skill to me, let me tell you! “You, sir, have a surprising given skill to be a tyrant! Lucky you!” In traditional RWS terminology, more stress is laid upon the burden aspect & your decision whether to continue as is or drop it & go free. Perhaps the more negative interpretation serves a purpose in Jungian psychology of which I am unaware, but I don’t like its top-heaviness. As a matter of fact, I’m not chuffed AT ALL by the style of card he presents; they are so relentless flat and Rorschach-like that there is NO feeling of emotions or mystical insight, just psychology & archetypes. I won’t be using the deck again; I need more than this. However, on the symbology, I get it. Today’s draw is wildly, joyfully progressive and self-completing. The Magus as my male, active current, 
recently dusted off & polished up on what I now see was a preparatory visit; the Empress as my female, passive current, present in my blossoming awareness of how DEEPLY we are all part of the Cosmic Machine. The Prime Magical Male & Mother Nature paired, and the Catalyst? The Ace of Cups, the essence of intuition, love, and emotional wholeness. This is SO powerful and significant that I can’t express how pleased, profoundly pleased, to get this unexpected two-part reading. The 10 of Wands is my Gateway to this blossoming of the primal duo, with the third member being the Divine light in Spirit descending to the chalice, and the Moon, psychic awareness, in full glory in the crepuscular sky. Wow, I’m blown away at how positive this reading is in answer to my problematic question of last night. 
I’m not going to go on here, this is too obvious, too evident to merit detailed analysis & breakdown; I see what I see accompanied by my intuition as a WHOLE, not really three separate cards here. Read the whole . . . it helps understanding. I believe that this "hidden skill" may very well be helping people cross the threshold out of the minors, and to exhibit the best possible anima/animus pair possible to express the love & spiritual goodwill that is given to All seekers deeply into their Path. I include my wife as well, for on the exterior (and the interior as well,) we are perceived as a blessed pair, to have found each other and to have built a wonderfully cooperative partnership for the last 12 years; it is an eye-opening way to conduct a marriage for many people who come to know us. Wow, I ask the Cosmos today to share with ALL of us the sheer joy of seeing divine grace present itself in person. Be Well, Be Blessed!   

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