Thursday, February 2, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 03Feb2017. I feel like a “new” me after we finished the gated project of which I spoke the last time. It was full of insight, and reflection, and a good deal of seeking once again into the recess of the spirit to turn doubt to Certainty. I’m a happy camper this morning after a successful five days behind me, so I feel ready to take on the reading received today. The spread is of course the Basics Modified, and the deck today is *The Rôhrig Tarot* by Carl-W. Röhrig. It is a true chef-d’oeuvre of Tarot art and renown, capable of providing deep insights beyond what you are familiar with as “deep insight.” It is startling. Upward & Onward! The draw today is as follows: Sulfur, male, active = XI Justice; Mercury, female, passive = XV The Devil; and finally, Salt, androgynous, Catalyst = the Prince of Wands. It is a strong, active reading, requiring glands in a small pouch hung from the body. (Said glands are available through your physician.) Animus comes up with a strong and determined blind lady, XI Justice (note how the number of Justice is correct, this time. LOLOL.) Justice and I are old sparring partners; 
my forms of “justice” tended towards the vindictive and radical for a part of my youth, then evolved (?) into more subtle forms; I was an old testament tyrant who was anti-Christian. I am more than happy to say that a fistful of decades has changed all of that 180°, (but the “anti-” only became “indifferent to.” Grin.) However, I slid right by the balance point to a point now where I am inclined to ignore justice in favor of mercy and a deeply felt “sense” that none of this matters anyway, it is Maya and I will soon be out of it. Therefore, when I reach back to manifest Justice, I often err on the side of mercy, which is FAR more preferable to me personally than finding myself erring on the side of intolerance. Today, I feel strong enough to carry my half of the ongoing argument. Grin. Then we come to little missy Anima, and she has sought out a not-surprising counterweight, deciding to teasingly oppose me today with XV the Devil, as she knows full well that having dug that swimming pool I no longer need to swim there. If anyone of my acquaintance has lived out a more fully-realized affair with the Devil, they have kept a deep secret indeed. Of course, being my age, I knew people who too wrong steps along the Path, and ended up in dreadful places, places of Despair, “the only unforgivable sin,” as some call it. Suicide quick or slow, courting Death 
until the “accident” inevitably arrives, sheer mismanagement of life, or, to be frank, too stupid to pick up the cluephone. I have fully explored Flesh and the Devil, and I found them wanting; lacking of the one thing I KNEW was the answer to my search. The Devil holds no power, no real fascination now for me other than as an image, a blurry symbol that I have left in ‘les fiente’ after appropriating the energy. So, she IS contributing to the effort today, but she wants to poke me at the same time. I get it; she wants the keys to the car. We’ll see . . . Grin. LOL. And the Energy to yoke these two together, the older man trying out moderate justice and the woman of indeterminate age determined to tease him, where is that going to come from today? Ha! The Prince of Wands; how synchronous! I just did a rather long & involved personal draw about communication with a certain friend, and he was characterized in the cards as the Prince of Wands, so now I have an even MORE precise mental picture of who this royal is, and isn’t. I normally go for the Energy nexus these cards represent, but today it is entirely possible that this card could be that friend, here today. This could prove to be an interesting day! As you know, the Prince is “youthful, dynamic, impulsive, unstable, fiery love, inconsiderate, and narcissistic.” (LWB) He is also high-spirited and enormously charming and most often sexually attractive. He is also a serpent’s nest of complexes and “mixed humours,” so being with him is an exercise in self-restraint (you) mixed with humor & charm & sincere affection (him.) However, there is a LOT of Energy there, and if it can be controlled it can be used to great effect. Well, whether it is the Energy manifesting itself or through my friend, I will work with it happily, I am sure. I am in the “humour” myself today to do so. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a cleanly working operation of the Elements today. Be Well, Be Blessed!      

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