Saturday, February 4, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 05Feb2017. Today is the Basics modified2X – because of the nature of the deck, the third card, Salt, the catalyst, is chosen from amongst the entire minor arcana. The deck in question is without doubt one of my very favorite decks, the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Janiero, a South American mystic of the early twentieth century. I cannot praise it too much. Onward and Upward! I have become very used to seeing XIII Immortality (to call a rose a rose – otherwise known as Death) show up in the lead role in my draws the past year. IT is true that while this has been a real year of deep change for me, I also think of my own mortality after the collapse of my health four years ago. I am more than ready to move on, in the most important aspect of following the Path, and anticipate simply the adventure. My Sulfuric, male, active current is head on leading into the future, even though he is a result of the past. Let’s look at the card itself; “Hieroglyph: Heru (Horus); His Sigil is Ophiel, the Spirit of Poetry, who teaches all of the wisdom of the first father. 
His Magic Letter is the entire Alphabet of the Magi, and his planet is Mercury. On the Zodiac he is Gemini, and his Hebrew letter is Mem. A figure of Osiris is featured, in his role as the God of the grain of Egypt, which was his earliest role. . . He promises immortality and the renewal of life. His divinatory meaning is above all Transformation. The old giving way to the new, unexpected change, alteration; ‘an abrupt change of the old self though not necessarily physical death.’ Beginning of a new era.” (LWB) Of course, it can also mean failure, loss, illness, possibly death, but it isn’t aspected that way in this reading. I grok the card, in its fuller sense as I feel these transformations are ongoing and have been happening for the last four years as my health is abandoning ship one rat at a time. I happen to believe there are still PLENT of rats in the hold, but one never knows, does one? Grin. Having writ, the moving finger moves on . . . to my Mercury, female, passive current today, which is EXACTLY the same as yesterday: V the High Priest reversed. LOL, “Okay, Marsha, you want to ‘go commando’ AGAIN today and live joyously without the rules & regulations for your spiritual learning, eh? We do that well together, so Go For It!” I have no problem with this; I simply need to know today in which way to yoke the two together in a productive effort rather than at loggerheads with each other. Well, it’s time to salt the ham, so let’s remark that the energy which is going to slip in and lube the union is #66 Perplexity. LOLOL, I HAVE to laugh out loud at that!  The very first thing I think of is a person using an instrument about which s/he has no idea how it works, s/he just knows that it works. In order to get a better look at what THIS card is, let’s take a look at the LWB; “Its hieroglyph is t, a hand. 
Its Magic Letter is ‘Passing the River.’ Its planet is Jupiter, and its Hebrew letter is Daleth. . . As she gazes at the lotus, the woman contemplates the aspect of life that is beautiful and restful. Promises of rebirth and the fragrance of the Land of Eternal Life are inherent in the lotus [GOOD aspecting for XIII, I believe.] Its perfume is her chief ornament when she meets the man she loves. The serpent symbolizes the unexpected dangers of life. While she is working in the fields she could accidently step on a cobra and feel its fangs in her heel. Or a viper could make its way from its sandy lair into her home. Should the poison enter her, her life would depend on the favors of the deities and the skills of a healer. Perplexity describes her state of mind as she looks at these two contrasting aspects of life. Perplexity, Bewilderment, duality, contradictions, polarity, indecision and/or Ecstasy alternating with despair.” I’m not sure what this is about; I can only divine that it MUST be this energy in the form of another person, because there is NO perplexity in my soul about the issues of alternance, synchronicity, duality or mortality. Neither can I step back in Time and “play this role” again with any sincerity or conviction, I have grown out of it. Thus, another person. So, the question is Who? On verra, mes amis, on verra. Grin. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a serene acceptance of the realities of stepping into the next stage of our journeys. Be Well, Be Blessed!   

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