Sunday, February 19, 2017

“Good morning and Welcome! You’ll find that your journey from the Starlight Rest Home, Aging Facility and Cosmetics School is only the start of the excitement today!” Grin. As usual, it is the Basics modified spread, and the deck today is *The Mutational Alchemy Tarot* by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda. It is startlingly different yet HIGHLY esoteric, and for some reason the re-numbering of certain Major Arcana cards doesn’t bother me as much with this deck as it does with others. Mutational, right? Today’s spread came out thusly: Sulfur = XVII the Emperor; Mercury = XVIII the Moon, and Salt = the Ace of Blades (Swords.) As you can see, these cards don’t really lend themselves to “tableau reading.” Not only that, but the symbology is a mile thick on each & every one. It is a “heavy” deck, in all senses of the word. I believe the best I can do to explain what the cards are is to quote from the accompanying book, *The Mutational Alchemy Tarot Book* online, @, by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda. What I “see” as I scan the tableau is three unities rather than one picture. The first card, Sulfur = XVII the Emperor, is always rather a shock with this deck. With a logically stunning and well-informed presentation, the authors justify the “correction” on several grounds, amongst which is that A. Crowley just had it plain wrong (I think?) (The Star moves to the Emperor’s old slot, #4.) 
At any rate, the Emperor as conceived of in this deck is much more than the general consensus on the card; in this deck he is a mystical and transfigured being carrying all three kingdoms with him. (I shall addend this description after I’ve thrown in my $1.05, not only the price of Freedom but the inflationary rise of .02¢ over the years.) He’s a supernatural ruler, and an awe-inspiring symbol of power. That’s where my Sulfur, male, active current is running today, and I am suspicious of the “ego-trip sound” of it, but I can keep a tight rein on the beast if need be, I am sure of it. My Mercury today is XVIII the Moon; “Momma’s on a run tonight! Hooeee-Jehosephat!” The Feminine current wants to run with the wolves tonight, I suppose (“Listen to them, the children of the Night. What music they make!” *Dracula* by Bram Stoker, (1897.) She is definitely feeling the need to retreat into the mystic & “crazy” side of her femininity as symbolized by the Moon, dreamy, hazy, intuitive, . . . “O, swear not by the moon, th'inconstant moon, That monthly changes in her circle orb, Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.” *Romeo & Juliet* by W. Shakespeare. That’s alright with me; my wife spends large chunks of her time in the Vap (as the French call it, short for Vapeurs, or clearly, metaphysical vapors.) Text shall follow from the book. Finally, I see the energy today is provided by the Ace of Swords, who was JUST here the other day, and is now back for its repeat performance of a thermonuclear reactor on “High.” As I’ve explained before, I love the suit of Swords, and especially the Ace, as Swords used to be my “home Court.” Now I am a citizen in the Wands, as almost ALL of my energy & being are devoted to the goal, to “Break On Through To The Other Side.” This is a dynamite 
energy source for me, I can use it like a professional, but I must keep my eye on the usage meter; I don’t want to revive old habit and old addictions, which this can easily do, working directly on one’s ego as it does. So that’s my day today: I grok it. Before we continue to the books lowdown on these cards, let me wind up my part. I ask the Cosmos today to show us ALL how to allow our two natures to coexist in perfect harmony. Be Well, Be Blessed! ********** “The Emperor card is one of several paths that have been positioned incorrectly according to the Proximity Principle of Mutational Alchemy, and The Book of the Law. The Emperor with the correct letter, Tzaddi, should logically correspond to the 28th Proximity Principal path between Sephira #7 (Netzach) and Sephira #9 (Yesod). The Emperor card acquires the additional value of Atu XVII, previously assigned to the Star card. The lightning worlds, the sun worlds and the moon worlds are from Hermetic Kabbalah tradition, relating to the tree of life. (This is the linked three worlds on the Visconti Emperor’s robe as well) The Sephirothic triangle of the lightning world is centered in Da’ath, the uppermost triangle, and its corners are in Binah, Chokmah and Tiphareth. The only way to express the top triangle cosmologically, according to Hermetic Kabbalah is with lightning. The sun worlds are anchored in Geburah, Chesed and Yesod. Here is where the Phoenix of Hermes resides, within the center of the tree. (Note this is where the crucial 63-64 reside in the Temporals arrangement. This is very important.)  Hermes, the infant and criminal, who always does good through his works, not matter how pestilent he seems.  The Lunar worlds are anchored in Hod, Netzach and Malkuth. This is not *our* moon, it is not in *our* solar system. The crescent is a fine symbol and this represents the gamut of a moon’s relatively common phases. Here we have the aftermath of the Devil who is also the hidden Emperor and his work: The Tower – the power issue has been resolved and the true ruler descends through the three worlds to claim what is his by omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. The Book of the Law through “Hadith” tells us “All these old letters of my Book are aright; but Tzaddi is not the Star”. Crowley took the advice to heart and switched the Hebrew letters Tzaddi which was associated to The Star, and He associated with The Emperor, with each other, but he did not switch the Star and the Emperor’s ordering in the ATU. m1thr0s has issued this correction and I feel very pleased with it due to the secrets it reveals. Appropriately the Emperor and Empress are no longer side by side. Even more wonderfully, the Emperor’s path now runs between Netzach and Yesod, and in the ATU he is now before the Moon. The ordering of the ATU reflects his physical position on the tree. It is appropriate that the Emperor be “down in the fray” as it were, commanding his kingdom – even though his authority derives from his association with the supreme feminine, the Empress, and from Kether itself. His physical manifestation is the “hand of god”. Thus in the card, he is given the form of Apsu or alternately, Kolowisi, the all-father water serpent from Sumerian and Zuni mythology. Apsu is called “Lord of the Sweet Waters” and is the consort of Tiamat, “Lady of the Bitter Waters”.  
He is a black bashumu, or horned serpent, also a symbol of the Indian idea of primordial universe, the sea-serpent Shesha Ananta, a black endless serpent outside time and universe, often depicted supporting one of the supreme triumvirate, Vishnu, who is like his child or emanation. Shesha Ananta only incarnates a small part of himself ever as Balarama, always the older brother of Lord Vishnu’s avatar. He has pure white skin and a commanding disposition of the Lord engaged in Lila appropriate to the Emperor’s path connecting Netzach and Yesod, or Venus and Luna. Students of Mutational Alchemy will note the appearance of his horns to reflect the anatomy of the TwinStar and this was intentional from the start.” (Ibid) “The strange name of the ruling Pentagram “Corporealizing” hints at some kind of phantom, unfinished form coming into being. It calls to mind ghosts and spirits, the unborn and the undead. This spooky energy is what the Moon is all about. Water of Tui and Earth of Chen signifies an auspicious feminine energy at play, and its nature as something good is affirmed in the line from Berashith “Elohim blessed them.” This reflects on the Fire Hex of the previous ATU, Grace, in which beauty is essential even though it seems impractical. Sexuality is always connected to the Moon card, and we find this reinforced in the hex Influence. It does not warn against sexual contact it only warns against being careful about one’s behavior. “Exceed by delicacy.” The same can be said of drugs which can be considered “the maiden” in some instances.” (Ibid) “One might ask why the Hidden Diamond Sutra is on every single Ace card, and the answer lies in the fact that the Aces are nothing less than the doctrine of Tetragrammaton as mentioned by Crowley over a century ago. The Hidden Diamond is comprised of 16 paths, the general number of Tetragrammaton with 4 cardinal elements of Heaven, multiplied by the 4 cardinal elements of Earth.  The Hidden Diamond constitutes the driving active force of the Tree of Life. With the triple 4:4 count (see my article The Da’ath Hack) and its crossing of Da’ath it can effectively flood the Seat of Knowledge with the full force of the ternary Tetragrammaton. This makes it exceptionally good contender for the subject of all of the Aces, comprising the generating seed of the entirety of their respective element. Here on the Ace of Blades we find as one might expect, Pentagram #1 indicating its authority as the Alpha of Vau. This is the same Hexagram and Pentagram found on all of the Aces. Air’s instinct and urge is to “Ascend” as the principle of Levity and so its lightning bolt is ascending. The Planetary is Neptune of course, planet of Kether (Crown). . . The Hidden Diamond sits amongst the newly forming universe, where Air is coming into being through the union of Fire and Water. Here the element is represented by the delicate black butterfly which symbolizes the frolicking and clever nature of mind and thought which defines Air’s special qualities. Levity is that special quality of Air that makes it especially important to alchemy. The two interplaying mercurial elements of Air and Earth sport the colors of Alchemy, green and gold, in this tarot. The planet represents ideas and the formulation of Earth, its sister element, showing the special relationship they have. In the above a white light is the hint of Fire, the Father from which the Son, Air, emerges; while below the clouds represent the Mother or Water. 


  1. Good to see you're enjoying the deck Leducdor. Great analysis. Yes, you're right on all the points you seemed unsure about. :)

    - Izi