Sunday, February 26, 2017

Good morning, Explorers in the Ruins of Atlantis! Yes, that’s me in that wall fresco; yes, I am that old & older, more disagreeable than you ever imagined! LOL. Today, 27 Feb 2017, however, my disagreeability is at bay, in truth because I have a rather confusing read here on this dawn of the end of Capitalism. (May Isis, Osiris & Horus hear my prayer! §Yes, folks, even though it means the end of easy times for me [no retirement $], I’d cheer its disappearance for the benefit of humanity as a species.) It is a lengthy process, however, and I hope that even though I shan’t live to see its fall, my young friends will. SO much for that. Today is, of course, the Basics Modified spread and the deck is *The Tarot of Saqqara* by Donald G. Beaman. I LOVE this deck. If you ever see a copy, buy it, it will reward you with deep readings and honest info about what is going on with you (assuming, of course, that you haven’t fed it bullshit.) Onward & Upward! Today I have drawn: Sulfur = XVII the Stars; Mercury = XV the Devil, and Salt = the Ace of Pentacles. The card that is baffling me a trifle is XV the Devil in the Mercury position; feminine, passive, upright, it is a l-o-n-g way from her (my Anima) recent direction, which was pulling alongside me through Judgement towards XXI the World. My only even remote guess is that here, on the threshold of big change (changing the lifestyle to reflect my current reality,) she is having a knee-jerk reaction to the idea of abandoning the Material. Maybe. Perhaps. It’s a guess . . . . 
Otherwise, I can see my Animus today in the hopeful symbol of the Stars. This is “Isis as Sirius. The Priestess of the Silver Star. IT symbolizes Nature art work, actualizing my imagination, and the now very real possibility of Becoming. Hope through Faith, or Faith in Hope, which is really Faith in Faith – a self-validating Truth. The subtitle of ‘priestess of the Silver Star’ which refers to Venus as a planet, and to Isis as Sirius, the card is concerned with existing in Grace while meeting the challenges of Fate with Faith. Grace is a rather old-fashioned concept still worthy adopting. This is the Way of Destiny.” (LWB) With my Anima in XV the Devil, the Lord of the Fire of the World, the card stands for “survival, or self-preservation in a positive sense. One may need to sublimate the lower self so as to stimulate a growth in Spirit. The dilemma of this emotional suppression needs to be addressed constructively by carefully examining the objectives and the alternatives we have regarded as worthwhile in this life. We must learn to ask the question of the Center: ‘What is your intention through me?’ Are we meant to do something? It is everyone’s question. The DEVIL is given reality when our own fears crowd to the front of our mind for recognition. The personal self too often becomes our own worst enemy and excuses flow from our creative imagination. This is the Way of Self-
Delusion.” (LWB) And finally, where am I to find the Energy necessary to fold these two disparate cards/currents/realities together to create a unified flow forward? Apparently, it is my Salt/Catalyst card, the Ace of Pentacles. Think of Mithras and the bull religion, that kind of rooted power. This Ace is the “Lord of the Root of the Powers of Earth. The Quest of Pentacles is the suit of the Hero in the West. It is of the fixed quality of the Spatial Universe and of the effects of environment or community. It represents gratification of desires for material comfort, wealth, commerce and business, and for stability or security. This is the Faculty of Sensation and the Illusions of Material Happiness. (Moderation [XIV] should be sought.)” (LWB) Okeydokey, then, so basically it is “dig in my sabots and INSIST with all the force of the Earth that the Devil consider the choices and decide to weigh in with XVII to row in tandem toward the starry horizon.  I have to be careful when I’m handling this Ace; it throws me into my father, a man of sterling character but all of the subtlety of the proverbial bull in the china shop; he is, as all are wont to say, a “diamond in the rough.” (The VERY rough! Grin. He’s a man who makes John Wayne look effeminate. I have always wished to NEVER be my father, but as age advances the inevitable happens and I find him in my character more and more, thankfully tinged by my penchant for less barbarity. LOL. He and I have become good friends with age.) So there it is for today, the penultimate day of February. The World is going to hell in a handbasket out there; I am truly hopeful that I can complete a Cycle during this lifetime and advance beyond, if the madmen running the world give me enough time before they set it aflame. (The Age of Fire, you know?)  I ask the Cosmos today to help us ALL find the exit. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!   


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