Monday, February 20, 2017

Good morning, my beautiful, happy, charming and adored friends! I’m still offline to the” general world, so you alone are the recipients of the wine of wisdom today; let’s hope it hasn’t turned to vinegar! Grin. While rummaging, I came across my 1st Robert Place deck, *The Alchemical Tarot: Edition III* and it leapt into my hands and cried “Use me! Use me!” meanwhile tearing its blue satin gown at the shoulder in a successful effort to entice me. The spread today is the usual Basics Modified and thus today is: Sulfur = X the Wheel of Fortune; Mercury = VI the Lovers, and Salt = the King of Swords. The tableau is looking good, in light of recent decisions I have made, spurred into action by some previous readings. I made the “Decision,” and now it is ‘to work’ to realize & manifest it. The 1st stage is ‘Clearing the Decks’; a thorough triage of my material life and the discarding of ALL doodads & blahblahs that have no utility in my ongoing life, stage 6.5 . I have already mentally mapped out stage 2 
and stage 3, so it will all wind up at, hopefully, accomplishing the task I have been set: to take “my” Tarot (my way of it, my “grok” of it, my style, if you will) public. I am keeping this initial manifestation within reasonable limits, local only. After that, “on verra.” So-o-o, my animus can be said to be taking his shower, having his suit pressed, and in general getting ready for an adventurous evening, as seen in his attitude and realistic approach, X the Wheel of Fortune. ‘What goes up, must come down; As Above, So Below.’ Coursing on with the fire of the salamander in my wings now, I meet my anima who today is signified as VI the Lovers (chaste). In this deck there is another Lovers card showing full-lock passion; it is much more appropriate that this one happened to be in place today! I say that because my emotional field has been changing, too, along with making the decision; one of the reasons, in fact. I find “the personal” dropping away from any feelings of Love and sentiment I currently possess, and I feel the birth of a vast new Love that is more generalized. I look at my friends now, who are mainly generations younger than me, and yes, I still love them, but now an overwhelming feeling of tenderness accompanies it, and I KNOW they are ALL my children, in one way or another. I need, now, to cultivate this carefully in order to grow into an emotion strong enough to reach in ever larger circles to embrace People with Love. This is a Direct challenge 
to me: ‘the emotional cripple who grew up feeling the lack of loved & warped emotion is now, after a lifetime of lessons, called upon to embrace the entire human race with that purity of that very same Love.” In short, I “have” to take Love and make it general, instead of specific. I need to TRY and love everyone as much as I love my ‘ersatz’ family.  By the fiery beard of Thor! Where will I ever find the energy to do that, weakening as I am in health and general vitality? “In your Catalyst, you buffoon! Luckily for you, you have drawn the King of Swords!” I have been in the suit of Swords for most of my adult life, including finally the king and yes, there are Brobdignagian tuns full of energy available to the King, but beware the price! When you reach the summit of the Swords, you shine with Intellect & Energy, but like ALL ultra-bright stars, your lifetime in that stage is short; superhot stars burn fast. If you don’t progress, you become a hardened husk, and there is a LOT of divagation on your emotional pathway. SO buck up and fly right if you are going to incarnate the King for any period of time; be SURE to take breaks, relax, de-stress, and let the excess air out of your ego. Don’t worry, you’ll heat up again. That’s it for today, my bizarrely genomed children (LOL) and I DO hope the taste isn’t vinegary to your palate. Grin. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a moment of sheer joy and Love in our friendships today. Be Well, Be Blessed!  


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