Saturday, February 18, 2017

Good morning, One & All, and Welcome! to your tour of the interior of the bowels of the Cosmos! Grin. Hi, All. I’m still officially “offline,” so I’m taking a more relaxed tone as this is meant only for those who are blog followers and the members of our Montpellier group. So, knowing that, I can hear you buckling your seat belts and putting on your atmosphere helmets, because the air MAY turn blue with vulgarity, scabrous wit and pointed irony, but then again, it may not; we shall have to wait and see where the wind of the Muse takes me. (Cough cough.) First, however, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Today’s spread is the usual Basics Modified, and the deck today is Erik C. Dunne’s *Tarot Apokalypsis* with a wonderful accompanying book by Kim Huggens. It is a magical deck & a wonderland of art. Today, Sulfur = 0 the Fool; Mercury = XIV Temperance, and Salt = the Ace of Swords. Before I start on the cards, I should say that the “Judgement” has FINALLY been made and I have my roughly sketched out plan for moving forward. So, I dare to hope that those constant nagging reminders to get my butt in gear will now cease. Okay, Onward and Upward. 0 the Fool is PERFECT for where I am today – 
I have made the decision to go forward and it’s off! for a new adventure in taking my vision of tarot more into the public eye. I discussed the plan with my wife and she is in wholehearted agreement, even though Tarot is not part of her Path, with my taking on a more public face. My Mercury today, XIV Temperance, is along for the ride, and Boy! that doesn’t surprise me at all. S/he has been my long-suffering companion for over 60 years now, and s/he is so happy to have a voice in my affairs that s/he wants as little change as possible, but the Fool MUST take that step. While the angel’s change of sex here makes absolutely no difference, I rather enjoy the multiplicity of symbols present, giving Temperance much more visible “magical clout.” (Erik does paint wonderfully, doesn’t he?) And finally, for my Salt draw today, the Catalyst that is going to accomplish the fusion of my two currents, there is the Ace of Swords. I still sport wood when I channel this energy – it isn’t meant to be carnal, it is meant to be intellectual, and that is what turns me on, that pure “sexiness” of the power of knowledge. A bit abstract perhaps, but true nevertheless.  On top of that, there is just an awe-worthy amount of Energy 
available here, even more so, I would say, than in the other Aces; each has its primal force, of course, but this one jumps out of the egg and literally bowls you over immediately in its rush to grow up and multiply. There are whole reams of material available about these & other cards, of course, but today I find that that the individuation of the cards is less compelling than the grand triptych view; the Fool, counseled by Temperance and fueled by the Ace of Swords (hir developed, powerful intelligence & sources s/he can consult,) has laid his rather sketchy course for the new adventure and is ready to set out (which I am.) He is counseled by his lifelong friend Temperance, who, as always, will be of invaluable aid in keeping him from his natural temperament of extremes; I have learned to profit from her presence in my later years, believe me. It is a good thing she is along, too! His source of Energy is like an old addiction; when one is FORCED to deal with it again, one must be extremely wary as it reassumes its serpentine and poisoned charm. I’m not going to go on and drag this out; that’s what I see today, and it is spot on. By the way, you may remember that yesterday morning I had the Prince of Spheres as the Salt in the Athanor. Well, that afternoon and a friend of mine, a younger man who is very IT savvy, came by, I asked for his help, and Presto-Change-o! He showed me how to fix it in less than 10 seconds. Thank you, Tarot! & Thank You, Prince of Spheres! Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL safe travels in all of our travels today. Be Well, Be Blessed! 


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