Tuesday, February 21, 2017

“Good Morning, Team. Today, 22Feb2017, our mission is as follows; we miniaturize, board the sub, and travel up the patient’s femoral vein to his heart. Once there, we laser away the fibrous & slimy knots of negativity that still, despite the patient’s best efforts, remain clustered around the sphinctered valves of the organ. Once clean, we return to the outside and undergo de-miniaturization in our prep and debriefing facility. Any questions? . . . Um, yes, let me see . . . the patient is one Mr. Mark Miller, 64 yrs. old and problematic due to a libertine lifestyle. Any others? OK, to the prep facility, now!”   And Onward & Upward! Or Onward & Inward, if one prefers. Today is the Basics Modified spread (of course,) and the deck is *The Wild Unknown Tarot* by Kim Krans. It is a wonderfully imaged deck, and I do like it; however, it isn’t easy to work with for me, as I speak only for myself. It “seems” to “begrudge giving me the correct cards, as if it isn’t in a cooperative mood.” Big time anthropomorphism, I know. Nevertheless, there you have it. Saying which, I had to work the cards a LOT in the wash & shuffle to feel decently about the resulting piles (2.) 
My intuition felt taxed, a feeling she doesn’t enjoy. But they came up with a decent, if not terribly insightful or informative, reading. Thus: Sulfur = XVIII the Moon; Mercury = IX the Hermit reversed, and Salt = the Son (Knight) of Wands. I’m not receiving my usual frisson of recognition and the accompanying satisfaction of having “divined” correctly (regardless of the read; I can feel that way about XVI, XIII & XX laid out in a row, if it intuits accurately.) However, I DO accept this read as reasonably accurate; it jives with a very rough outline of what I feel, think & intuit as my energies & inner state today. Sulfur, the male current, my animus, wants to head of to the lunar opium dens to mentally masturbate a bit on his new ideas on moving forward, and perhaps receive some Lunar promptings and ideas, as well. Mercury, my female current, my anima, however, is feeling social today in IX the Hermit reversed. Not for her today the quest FOR knowledge, but rather a trip to town to the castle where she can circulate among the educated to SHARE her gains in knowledge and cognition about the Path of Initiation and the necessity to follow it. I can relate at the moment; part of the much-howled-about (by the cards) XX Judgement I needed to make was to recognize that I had reached the limits of what I could do locked up here in this tower of croissants. “Break out, pal, take it public & free; just open the dialogue with Montpellier, beyond your current friends who are also students. Let Montpellier know that you are here, and ready. It’s time, Mark.” So if Missy Anima has a desire to go public (I hope to show off her hard-won Sophia, and not spin her tassels as she did in any number of cities, once upon a time, Grin,) then that’s OK with me. And where shall I find the necessary rectitude to keep an eye on 
little Missy Anima and away from her tassels and on subject? Oh, lookie, lookie! My Knight in Shining Armor, a snake carrying a stick. LOL. The Serpent of Wisdom, Sophia, shines above & around him in Wands. Normally I’m not real keen on this guy, preferring his father instead (perhaps that is more the “male me” that I would like to admit; I have found VERY few men in life I consider like “sons,” and all of them now, later in life. I feel more “properly cast,” with my love for them intact and available, than I would in any other role.) However, I gladly accept his energy today. It will be cool & clear, as my relations with serpents can be characterized that way as well. I like them, they like me, but both parties are thinking, “Yeah, pal, I like you, too, but let’s not overdue it, okay?” As much as I would like to speak Parseltongue, I don’t. I like cool & clear; it is SO helpful in certain situations. In others, we all have other resources upon which to draw. So, there we have it for today with a willing Querent and a grumpy, uncooperative deck. It can be wrestled into doing its work, but in the end, why? Especially when there are SO many others that actually give me JOY to use. So, this may head into storage, as much as I regret the loss of the imagery. But Wait! There is a “companion deck,” which isn’t REALLY a companion deck at all, but an animal spirit guide by tarot-like divination. Same style of art, totally different goal. I still have some hopes for that; I will tell you the results at a later date. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the Light of Sophia today as we make our way forward. Be Well, Be Blessed!   

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