Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hello boys and girls, and Welcome to the *Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show.* (Ray Bradbury) I feel trapped a bit in that traveling circus of dark dementia recently. Today my printer problems continue, and after trying all options, I am reduced to recognizing it is a mechanical problem with the boxy device itself. So, depending on the estimate, it’s either repair or new. But not right now, £$ is tight, so one hopes for a mechanical intervention. Grin. Fuckin’ picayune problems cluttering the Path of Progress – I’d like to kick their asses to the side, but no, they must be dealt with and fixed. OK, enough bitching; Onward and Upward! Basic Modified, deck I used was actually an Egyptian deck, but since the printer won’t scan now, I’m using stock images of CBS Tarot de Marseille. Sulfur = XX Judgement, and I grok that this isn’t the same presentation of Judgement as before: my animus, 
the male current symbolized alchemically by Sulfur, is rather considering the steps ahead just post-judgement, as he has yet to spring into action. The news/materialization has been announced, therefore verbalized & made real. From there it is a question of organization and setup, and I am now considering the best way to go about that. Ly Anima today, Mercury as XII the Hanged Man, I think I understand what she is saying to me; she is ready to give up the personal and ready for our meld, and the result she sees is the desired union of complimentary currents that I am dimly beginning to see as entirely possible. It doesn’t surprise me that she’s a step or three ahead of me on this; when it comes to emotional and intuitive issues she has the ‘upper third eye’ over me. No, don’t worry, I haven’t slipped over the edge into ‘schizophrenia,’ I just have a very visual defined distinction between my animus and anima and I understand both very well. Union would blow me away. IT would take a BONFIRE of Energy to accomplish that, and, whoa! Check it out! The Ace of Wands, 
ALL OF THAT FIRE! I am delighted, as my own personal energy is very unreliable these days and I need the help, and this Ace is as big as the help comes; Fire, creation, imagination, spirit, it is the wellspring of all of that genre, and I have never welcomed it as heartily as I do today. All of this change prep is taking a toll, so more and more I rely on the energies of the cosmos to help me. SO, there we have it for today. No going the extra mile today with excerpts, quotations, slideshows or class outings to the Museum of Natural history. I am now going to partake of the gift of Hapi, the Nile river god who brings fertile soil to Kemet (Egypt) every annual flood, thus allowing the vendors of Joy to grow and harvest the Blessings of Neith, a green herb growing along the banks of the great river. And in the arms of Ma’at I shall let my mind detach from my body and roam freely in the Duat, seeking answers to questions that vex my spirit on dark winter nights. Grin. (If anyone has a lovely burgundy smoking jacket in my size they’re not using, I could use it, please. Embroidered Chinese silk is acceptable, as well. Oh, and a raven . . . does anyone have a spare raven?) I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a breather from the pusillanimous & picayune problems of daily life.  Be Well, Be Blessed, Be Zen! 

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