Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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Good morning, Montpellier’s ONLY true Tarologues! LOL. I hope everyone is well this morning of the 09Feb2017. Today I’m using the original Three Basics spread, unmodified, because I am using the *Tarot de Marseilles de Pierre Madenié 1709* Edition Yves Renaud. It’s a wonderful Tarot, although I still prefer the Vergnano from Renaud above all his reissues. Nevertheless, a TdeM deck is what the spread was designed for, and of that of course only the 22 Major Arcana: THEY were the Tarot for many centuries. Nevertheless it is a lovely deck and deserved to be reissued. Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XI Strength (I DO prefer Strength at VIII, but oh well); Mercury = XXVIII the Moon, and Salt = XX Judgement. Oompa! . . . okay; Two out of three of these cards are “old/new” visitors on the table recently Strength and Judgement. Mamma checking in as XVIII the Moon today could be entirely unpredictable, and I expect it will be. When I turned this card, I saw the Moon, but for just a flash I saw it reversed in my mind’s eye, then ZING! I saw it was upright. I have become MUCH more familiar in the art of interpreting my intuition; it isn’t clear, card-like pictograms that come to me, but odd wafts here and there, or a mental breeze that actually manifests for a split second, giving me the definite impression of god or ill presage. Other times it can be more direct, and still others playful. 
Tricksy creature, Intuition. What I need to do is go inside again and find my current animal spirit guide; I haven’t REALLY been exploring in that territory since almost two decades ago when I went and my guide had become a scorpion. I have a GREAT distaste for scorpions, to the point where it made me unreasonably happy in the movie ‘Clash of the Titans’ when it was discovered that djinn (as defined in the film) had powers over them and used the giant film creations as beasts of burden. Silly, I know, but I hail from the southwestern United States, where checking your shoes every morning for scorpions before you put them on is ingrained habit from childhood. Scorpions in plastic are big sellers as belt buckles and paperweights. LOL, and the truly silly part is that I have never been stung; my father forgot to check his boots one morning, and surprise! Stung. His foot was the size of a football and he was dog-sick for 24 hours. At any rate, I know it will not be my wife who goes all “lunaire” on me today; she is already different enough in her own realm of vapors, prayers, and her own Path, as well as being very uncritical of mine. She helps if she can, but if not, she backs off, which she knows I prefer; she is a wonderful helpmeet in every way. That leaves my . . .”Wait, gents! Look at this! A ripped bustier and a broken riding crop shoved under the bed! I’ll bet it’s the murder weapon. We’ve gotta catch that dame!”. . . Anima. Yeah, due to our rapprochement over these last years she now feels 
free to go off and cause smart-assed mischief on her own. Actually, she’s not half-bad at it, but she lacks the touch of the Master that my Animus provides. Well, if she wants to try and cause a bit of psychic mischief today, I have been warned to unite my natures and face her with my full force. She’s not riding that crayfish out of MY paddock, no siree Bob! Grin. And finally, I have XX Judgement as my catalyst today, the energy that is going to react on Strength and the Moon to get them to ride together in some sort of harmony. Also, it is a potent reminder, of the genre “You DID make that decision, right? We ARE moving forward, right, Mark? Right?!” of the overpowering theme of late; “Get off your ass and radically change your life.” I know, but Osiris help me! it is a tricky course to plot without forgetting ALL moderation (XIV) and simply kicking over the traces, lighting the pile on fire, and walking away. I CANNOT do that this time around. I have to bring sense along with changes; I have responsibilities now that I didn’t have back when I COULD simply close the door and walk away from a life, and did several times. Judgement is recalling to me that there is a powerful energy available there, IF I have followed through. I have made the decision mentally; enacting it is another matter, and I need to tread delicately so as to be able to bring two people along instead of just myself. While I honor and respect my wife’s Path, I need to be mindful that as her husband I must act in OUR best interests, not simply mine. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a finer edge on our faculty of Judgement. Be Well, Be Blessed!  


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