Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Good morning, All My Children . . . Grin. (That is the name of a LONG-running American soap opera [feuilleton] that has been continuously on air since 229 A.D.) Well, today I decided to use a deck I’ve been putting off trying out for over two years, the *Deva Tarot* publ. by Piatnik in Vienna, in Polish (not German), no creator attributed.
Why? Because it’s square & loud, 1st of all, and 2nd the creat-or/rix decided to add a 5th suit, called Triax, to represent spirit, and an extra Major Arcana card called “the Separator.” Whether s/he means the Querent or a Significator card is unknown; the LWB is in Polish, I believe, and I am at sea in that language. So, taking out the “extras” I pulled today’s reading. Surprising, the deck works REALLY well, I just don’t like the style. For those who do, this would be a great deck (minus the crap.) As you can see with your own three eyes, the draw today is Sulfur = II the High Priestess; Mercury = IX the Hermit, and Salt = the Prince of Wands. I guess it’s Role-Reversal Wednesday, eh? 
My active, male current is bent on entering the Temple today and communing with II the High Priestess. I can grok this, as with all this push for me to “get your butt on the move, make a decision and get on to the self-sacrifice, for Osiris’ sake, Mark!” coming from the cards for almost a month, now I’m entering the temple because I hope the cluephone is ringing in there. I am fairly sure of what it is I am “supposed” to do (I hate that word, ‘supposed’ _ it’s a “judgement” word, finding one lacking. Fuck that.) However, I am not entirely sure of how to go about it. I could go with my own ideas, but they seem draconian, and I’ve learned over my lifetime that my drastic solutions are almost ALWAYS way too much overboard for what the Cosmos is actually asking of me. Thus, a search in the Temple, for what is most likely something far more subtle, an answer that is precisely tailored to meet the demand. On the side of my anima, she has decided to forget her femininity in a way, don the monastic hood and go about the life of IX the Hermit. I have no doubt she will eventually bounce back into the Hermit’s 
other function, to go out into society and spread the knowledge he has learned. She’s a social kind of gal, my Anima, and she loves a party. But for now, she’s forgetting her sex and retiring into a private search for knowledge and time to be alone and meditate. You will notice that whether the Querent is a male or female, the monastic role is indicated, not the role of a “female” servant of God, a nun or “religieuse.” This is “Go away and be an Anchorite” kind of knowledge that can only be gained in solitude and the study of Nature and the essences of the manifest world. Meditation is required as well in order to strengthen one’s contact with the Higher Orders and the Divine.  Finally we unveil my “motor” for the day, the Energy that is going to catalyze my Sulfur & Mercury and allow them to function ensemble in the manner most profitable to me, IF I PAY ATTENTION AND APPLY IT, the Prince of Wands. On the other hand, it could be a younger man of great intensity, passion and yet unpredictable, hot/cold character; I know EXACTLY such a young man, and I suppose it is possible that he could pay a visit today. If so, I will be keeping a special eye on what kind of energies, and why, are suddenly swirling in my psychic atmosphere. I love this particular prince as one of my “boys,” so I am comforted by the knowledge that I may be familiar with the arriving energy anyway. Wands are a good suit for me; I’ve moved there from Swords within this lifetime, and while I still carry a LOT of Sword energy, I have quickly adapted to the Court and feel at home. SO there we have it today, all rather pleasant, not a day to be on my guard (at it seems that way. On verra !) I ask the Cosmos today to give us all here a touch of enlightening gender-bending today. Be Well, Be Blessed!  

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