Monday, February 6, 2017

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Good morning and Welcome! boys & girl(s?) to my morning draw for 07Feb2017. I’m posting mainly to keep my habit alive, but also to inform you, and today to showcase a wonderful new Majors-only deck which I like VERY much (with a few exceptions.) The deck is *The Raziel Tarot* by Rachel Pollack & Robert M. Place, two luminaries of the Tarot world who teamed up for this project. You may come by anytime & check it out, if you wish. The deck itself is pure, 100% Jewish mythology, Midrash, and other bits & pieces of esoterica, along with of course the all-important Qabalah informing its meanings. Not being Jewish, a lot of it is either simply unfamiliar or a bit too “chosen people-ish” for my taste – they are still among the most closed races on the planet, and their exclusion of others is just as strong as it’s ever been. (Yes, I have personal experience.) On the other hand, it offers the excitement of being able to delve deeper into a tradition & mythology about which I know very little. Today’s draw is Right On, so I have no complaints about accuracy or workability. Doing a “tableau” reading (reading the three cards as a unit instead of three separate and distinct entities, a technique I’m trying out with a great deal
 of pleasure,) I can see that AGAIN Judgment takes 1st place in my Sulfur card, the male, active current today. “Get the fuck ON with it, Mark!” At this point, my anima has jumped in as well, in the SAME direction, embodying “our” archetype of I the Magician. She is telling me, “Come ON, Mark, we really are ready, equipped & able to go, we just need you to say the word. So . . . please say it!” And finally, one of Robert & Rachel’s special edition to the Raziel Tarot is the addition of two Major Arcana, XXII the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, and XXIII the Tree of Life. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is an interesting energy – I read it as enjoining me to explore the nighttime side of the Tree, of which very few people are actually aware or know anything about; these are called the Tunnels of Set (I know, Egyptian, but I don’t know the equivalent Hebrew terminology.) This is a 
very different side of the Tree, and a whole different set of rules apply. I you like, you can think of it as Nightmare Country, but full of wisdom & teaching nonetheless. Venturing here isn’t necessarily necessary, but it DOES give you a BETTER, realized, 3D mental image of the Tree instead of a flat 2D representation. Up to you. “"The Tunnels of Set - The tunnels in Kenneth Grant’s books, named the Tunnels of Set. He discovered them after realizing that if the Tree of Life is not a flat two-dimensional system, then the pathways have depth. Furthermore, he was particularly interested in the Other Side of the Tree: The Tunnels of Set: “a network of dream cells in the subconscious mind,” reached by projecting consciousness through Daäth, “the gateway of the manifestation of non-manifestation” (Kenneth Grant, *Nightside of Eden*)                                                    In Kenneth Grant’s vision, these tunnels are truly nightmarish. In each tunnel is a guardian spirit related to a Major arcana of the Tarot, which he equated to the spirits of Liber 231. The whole system becomes Qliphothic, and Grant sees them as necessary to master the Dark Side, as he calls it. The Desert of Set - Grant also discusses the Desert of Set, which is associated with the Order of the Silver Star, which is Isis. He also mentions that the singular of qlipphot is qlipha, an old or strange woman. Grant further invokes another feminine aspect associated with the tunnels, the Goddess Maat with her Warrior Priests. The pure, virginal facet is emphasized when one remembers the design of the Princess of Disks in the Book of Thoth, where she is shown amidst many roots or tunnels." ( SO–o-o-o, it seems as if I will be adventuring again very soon into an exploration of the Nightside of the Tree, and I feel both trepidatious and excited about a new realm of knowledge becoming available to me. I ask the Cosmos to bless each and every one of you today in your ‘special need’ for today. Be Well, Be Blessed!   


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