Friday, February 10, 2017

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“Good morning, me hearties! Har-har-har! Ye be aboard Her Majesty’s Ship the H.M.S. Raging Queen! Here we be manly men, doing manly things in a manly manner! And don’t ye be forgettin’! - this is the life of a sailor on the sea; and it’s Rum, the Lash, and Sodomy! Har-har-har!” (“I also extend a rough welcome to any ladies who may be reading; you’re man’s going away to sea, you should hope he bears up “well.” LOL.) Same old spread but different deck; today I’m using an older favorite, which I regretfully haven’t used much lately, *The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery* by Robert M. Place. I’m a HUGE fan of his alchemical decks, and this one simply got lost in “the crowd.” Wonderful deck, as you can see. Today, Sulfur = XXI the World; Mercury = XIII Death, and Salt = the Knight of Swords, my catalyst to activate 
in harmony the 1st two cards. I asked the cards specifically what I needed to do today to go forward in my Shadow work, and this is the response. It’s good, as far as I can intuit. My male current is running in the satisfaction (illusory but necessary at the moment) that he is in the swim and paddling happily around in the Worldpool. But here, I believe, I am reminded of another aspect of XXI, and that is that as the representative of the illuminated person, she’s carrying some heavy symbols (both Christian and Pagan) around in her trunk. And to be able to do this, swim in the Worldpool, you had better be an Olympic class swimmer, because any with lesser skill will go unrewarded, and may even be in danger. So it is a good time to remind my Magician that he’s still got some virtues to practice before he can swim safely. As for my Anima today, she’s peacefully contemplating deep and fundamental change. I get it; she received the news from Sir Animus about the proposed “meteor” I am considering allowing to strike my planet. It involves stripping down my life to essentials, and go 100% full-tilt boogie into Tarology and reading, along with concomitant studies in the Kaballah and Numerology, as well as simple, basic Hebrew recognition and of course, astrology. A handful of mysticism that would have earned my scorn 
earlier in my life. Tough tittie, that’s the proposed Change. (Unless of course it symbolizes my wife plotting my demise, whispering to the dead tree, “Qu’il crève ! CREVE !!” as she weaves her dark magic. LOL.) Finally, how am I going to power up a “rapprochement” between XXI and XIII? They are fairly opposite, at least in surface symbology; “Life!” – “Death!”  Of course the Life on display is the life of the Enlightened Being, the Illuminated Man/Woman, and the Death on display is death of self, of ego, a deep change of being and purpose. So looked at from “below the symbols,” one easily sees that to victoriously reach the 1st card one must of course pass through the 2nd. This Knight is perfect for the job; he’s very “fougueux,” meaning very tempestuous with almost too swift action, an incarnation of the Air of Air; he can be very righteous at times, to the point of being overly judgmental. BUT, he has BUCKETLOADS of Energy, very stormy/swirly as in a high gale.  So, there we have it, my suggested path to obtain the maximum growth available in the day. Whether or not I do that is, of course, up to me; then again, if I wasn’t going to do it, why would I be spending such amounts of time on the art/skill/talent? Grin. You’re right, I wouldn’t, so of course I shall pay attention; I cannot think of anything better to do than develop and deepen my spiritual growth. (Most of the time  . . . Ha!) I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a helping hand forward in difficult work today. Be Well, Be Blessed!  


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