Saturday, February 11, 2017

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“Good morning and Hail! Warriors and Hetaerae of the Athenian State! We are here together in our multitude (sic) today to defeat the forces of the evil Persian snake, Xerxes! May our battle be fierce, our cause just, and our personal foibles kept private from Persian gossips!” Today I am using my current standard daily spread, the Basics modified, and the deck is the very different & beautiful *Tarocchi Orientali* by Foudraz, 1845, curated by Giordano Berti. It is a Tarot de Marseille deck, but the illustrations are various, appropriately themed examples of “chinoiserie,” very popular in Europe at the time. (The interest in things Chinese was far less important, and probably an offspring, of the “Egyptomania” which gripped France & Europe after Napoleon’s return from his expedition there in 1801.) Today: Sulfur = XIIII Temperance (note the numbering; 
in TdeM Tarot, with Roman numerals one always “goes forward,” addition, one never “goes back,” subtraction, i.e. XVIIII vs. XIX.) Mercury = XVIIII the Sun, and Salt today is the Ace of Cups. That makes 2X this week that the Ace of Cups has been my energy bank, and I am still rather dumbfounded to see it showing up (my relation with Cups is problematical,) I am quite content to see it, however. I am taking the appearances as a hint that Cups (emotions & intuition) are starting to make a BIG comeback. Not that Intuition has ever been in question; but my emotional life has been two legs on a stool meant to be a tripod for the last 12 years, and although I have been “open,” the Universe hasn’t deemed it necessary to go there with me for quite a while. I am GLAD s/he has finally sent the invitation and ticket! Mercury today is cruising in High Energy mode, I see, with XVIIII the Sun. This is not usual for her, by any means; she FAR prefers the Moon. However, she HAS been feeling her oats lately, I’ve noticed, and she is getting a real kick out of driving the Chariot from time when I do not want the job.  I LIKE her . . .  she’s my kind of gal, sassy, spirited, and wickedly intelligent. I truly grieve for her that she is stuck in this hulking male body, as in her own she would doubtless be attractive in that kind of “pique your curiosity” way. But more power to her today, I say. I’m feeling “moderate,” This moderation is coming from the Sulfur, XIII Temperance, of course. I take Ma’at and Temperance and all of those like-minded goddesses and place them in a mental shrine which I think of as the Well-meant Mother’s Advice. (I did not experience it in life; my mother was the Queen of Swords on speed.) I also have a wife who has LOADS of well-
meant advice, if you lived about a century ago. The French are curiously antiquated in some of their beliefs, and she is a great example of that. She’s a kind of French Farmer’s Almanac, if you grok what I mean. Grin. I love her, but it can be difficult living with someone from the past. Finally, as said before, the Energy today is the Ace of Cups, much to my overtitillated surprise. “Me? Lil’ ole me?? you come a’courtin’ me??” LOL, to be honest, I have certain “guidelines” about who is “allowed” to drag me now, at my handsome and salt & peppered age (oops! Did I just break my elbow patting myself on the back? Damned rheumatism!) I found my wife and helpmeet when I wasn’t even looking for a relationship, at ALL, so if the Ace of Cups is going to make a reappearance in my life on the emotional side of my heart, I’m not looking to the point of obsession & silliness, but I will be ready; I’ve anticipated having my ideal relationship(s) (3 people) for almost all of my adult life, and it has never been possible in the adult and mature way I would wish it to be. Perhaps now it is. “On verra !” This is a highly positive draw, with some mystery; not too much, just enough to catch my attention this morning. I ask the Cosmos today to help us ALL accept the opening of new & unknown mysteries along our Paths. Be Well, Be Blessed!  

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