Sunday, February 12, 2017

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Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 13Feb2017. Although not advertised until March 1st again, I am still posting my daily readings here. I hope you are all well today and in fine fighting spirit to start the week. Today is the usual Basics Modified spread, and the deck is the *Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot* by the Church of Light®. (They were designed in 1936 by Gloria Bedford; then they were redrawn in 2003 by Vicky Brewer and colorized by her in 2009.) As an accompanying text I do not use the LWB that comes with the deck, but C.C. Zain’s book, *The Sacred Tarot* published by the BofL and with their “imprimatur.” It is a GREAT book in ANY circumstance, not just with this deck. I highly recommend it. This isn’t carnival fortune-telling Tarot; this is Tarot specifically designed for Spiritual Advancement. OF course it is standard in system (RWS) 
but the illustrations in Egyptian style have been designed and illustrated to highlight spiritual symbology, along with other esoterica on the cards. Ok, enough about the deck; Onward and Upward! Today I have drawn: Sulfur = XIII Death; Mercury = VI the Lovers, and Salt = the Queen of Scepters (Wands.)  I like this read, it is profound yet encouraging, and it outlines ONCE again, that I MUST make the choice, based on wisdom, sagacity, fairness, objectivity and the ideas of Justice & Balance; in other words, I must be the goddess Athena/Minerva when I consider the choice. Well, today I have a little bit of an edge over the cards; I have already decided, and based on all the facts available to me, coupled with my Intuition & my own Will, I have decided to take the steps necessary to unencumber my physical, 3D life of as much 
junk, crap and assorted muck & mire as possible, and now devote myself entirely to the study & teaching of Tarot. This is a good step, but one I take only after judicious and even hesitant consideration. It means restructuring a chunk of my life in such a way that it will affect my wife, as well; given that I have her full acceptance and even cooperation to do whatever I think it is necessary to do to advance my inner development, I’m taking the leap. I know ONE thing; it won’t be on the Internet. I am not looking to monetize either my skill & knowledge or Tarot in general; I seek merely to teach those who come to me for it. This is going to be alright, I feel it in my “intuitive gut.” I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a surety of our choices today. Be Well, Be Blessed!   


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