Thursday, February 9, 2017

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Good morning, Crew, and Welcome! to my starship, the “Three of Disks.” Now I know most of you were bushwhacked on the piers, brought unconscious to the ship, and forcibly enlisted, but I’m hoping we can ALL be a happy & well-adjusted crew!” (LOL.) Hi guys. Today I’m doing the Basic Principles modified and the deck *The Rosetta Tarot* by M/M/ Meleen. This is her earlier deck before the smashing *Tabula Mundi* deck, and I really like this deck; I get wonderful reads with it, very accurate. She is actually bringing out a new edition of this one but designed with different doodads & doodahs & borders & such. Onward & upward. Today I received: Sulfur = XV the Devil; Mercury = VIII Adjustment reversed, and Salt = the Ace of Cups. Not a bad day, per se, and totally comprehensible. My male current, Sulfur, is intent on manifesting in the material today. I’m not quite sure what he wants, but apparently Señor Anima wants something and the desire is coming from the base chakras. Well, my never-dying need to get “physical” is 
sleeping today, so it can’t be that; IT could be money, I have an issue I need to resolve today with the USA, or it could be something else entirely that desires to be IN the Material today and playing with the Devil. I doubt my immortal being is in danger of falling into ego-based delusion, but just in case I shall be extra-vigilant today. Which won’t be a solitary and lonely effort, I see. VIII Adjustment is my Mercury today, so Señora Anima is adding her equal weight in the opposite, more “desired” direction, that of Balance & Justice, that of Ma’at, in all senses of the divinity. I’m glad she’s come up this way, instead of some random lubricious garce who will be lubing the road to Hell! (Grin.) (Great image, eh? Lol.) Besides that, if there were any gal willing to help me over a detail or three, it is Ma’at, she & I are buddies from way back, when she was riding my shoulder during my alcohol & serious drug years, chiding me for overindulgence, for not taking care of myself; in sum, not practicing Moderation in ALL things.  So, how am I going to make an Energy dent in the Devil, the master of material energy, armed only with the concept of Ma’at? The engine I need to use today is rather a surprise; but then again, it would be, for a person with a rather bellicose nature such as mine. Granted, my “bellicose tendencies” have aged and withered over the years, and I am 
too old to occupy the throne of Righteous Anger these days. My emotions grew up. SO I have a feeling that what it is that Señor wants today is going to be fairly easily forced into a moderate mold by my OWN Will today, thanks to Ma’at, who has never ceased to try and teach me. She has succeeded, it seems . . . to a point. I know myself VERY well. The Ace of Cups and I are practically strangers. However, she has popped up three times in the last 4 – 6 weeks, as if introducing herself at last to a person ready to fully grok her essence. I have, of course, like everyone else searched for this “Fabled Fountain” all my life; it was extremely difficult to comprehend, admit and take responsibility for all of the roadblocks I unconsciously erected along my own road for all these years. Erected out of a combination of fear & desire & yearning & intense inner inferiority, it seems; that last is the hardest to admit, because I hate seeing that in myself, but yes, there is a serving of that in there, too. It has taken a LONG time to reconstitute the puzzle, but I arrived, and am now looking beyond. So, I believe the Root of Water, the Ace of Cups, the birth cocoon & the Grail of Love & Intuition is now available to me, with ALL of its amazing energies waiting for me to explore. This pleases me enormously; I am learning to love for Love’s sake, without attachment, and to live & experience its beneficial energies. I ask the Cosmos to make available today the Water of Life to us ALL, each to hir own capacity. Be Well, Be Blessed!   

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