Monday, February 27, 2017

“Velcome, velcome, velcome! to my humble home in Bombay. Tea?? You want tea? Tea? Tea? Yes yes yes, yes you do. Shiraaz! Tea for 9!!” Grin. Welcome, students of the 42, to another Fool’s Tarot “off the record,” so to speak. This is very much THE record, so what I mean to say is that I’m not advertising the blog anywhere, until tomorrow. So today is my last day of irresponsible editorial freedom – Grin! Today is the 28Feb2017, and the draw today is my now-standard Basics Modified, and the deck is an old/new friend, the *Bonefire Tarot* by Gabi Angus-West. Years ago, when it was independently issued, it was a wildfire bestseller, and soon sold out. Copies were harder than hen’s teeth to find. I even wrote Ms. West to ask if one might be found anywhere on the planet, and she responded (something like), “Hello, Mark. Yes, you and about two hundred other people. As far as I know, there are none available anywhere, but I can put your name on the waiting list.” So, I wait a year, then I am contacted to say that one has been found, do I want it? Hell, yes! It arrives, a wonderful deck in its obviously artisanal felt case with twine thread tied around it, and a wax seal. Obviously a handmade item, 
and lovely. Small, too; not miniature, but small! Then the other day I notice what looks like a plaque bearing a title card on eBay. However, it says it’s a full deck, so I take a chance and buy it. ET VOILA! It is a reissue from 2016 that I knew NOTHING about, it is large-format size, professionally done, with big accompanying book, not just an LWB, in a large magnetic-closure deluxe boxed set. Heaven on a stick! I am overjoyed to have this old/new friend in more personally pleasing large-format. And it reads like a dream, so I have no complaints. Oddly enough, the art style isn’t one I would normally tolerate, but on these cards it doesn’t bother me at all. So, that’s the rather fat skinny on this deck. If you ever find a copy, consider buying it. Onward and Upward! I have a WONDERFUL reading today that, unfortunately, can’t be easily read in tableau style so one is obliged to look at the individual cards and then form a triptych oneself. Today I have drawn: Sulfur = XX Judgement; Mercury = II the High Priestess, and Salt = the King of Wands. There isn’t a card here I haven’t drawn a hundred times before, but today they look fresh and new because today I am fresh & new TO them. I’m not the same Mark the last time I saw any of them, and I won’t be the same in future encounters, either. That is because I’m ‘moving again,’ thank Osiris! I felt stalled on my Path for a bit there, constantly balking at confronting XX Judgement and taking ALL the actions & responsibilities and making a DECISION. 
Now that I have done that, XX has changed her face, too. No longer the scolding friend & counselor, She is now the satisfied friend, happy to see me back on the road again, having passed through her portals. She awaits only my implementation, my manifestation(s), to verify & justify her faith in her old friend. My Anima today is inside the temple of II the High Priestess, and that is superfine with me. I’m a BIG fan of the High Priestess, even if I don’t spend an inordinate amount of time in her mist-shrouded corridors and ill-lit alcoves. But my Anima there! YES, that’s where she can do her best work, “harvesting” lost knowledge for our continued journey. I’m a solar fire guy, but my Anima, motived by my Moon (Taurus in the 9th House) and my Ascendant (Virgo with Mercury ruling a rising Earth,) feels very welcome here, as she is as secretive as the High Priestess is mysterious. Judgement as my Sulfur and the High Priestess as my Mercury go well together, and to top off this very good reading, my Salt today, the Catalyst to activate my male/female pair and allow them to work in harness as a team, is the King of Wands. I rather diffidently identify with this King; having left the Swords Court some time ago, I re-homed in Wands, and am now of an age and learning to self-characterize myself as the King; the Fire Energy is right on, and everything about the gentleman awakens echoes in me of the man I am becoming (hard work & a boatload of hope!) There are some wonderful passages in the eponymous large colored book that accompanies this deck, and as much as I would like to go ahead and give you a 5 page blog, I’m not going to as I have done enough of that recently. On the whole, a wonderful reading lending a citric burst of tang & energy to the day ahead. I’m looking forward to it. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the ‘good side’ of our draws today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!     

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