Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Good morning and Welcome (back)! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01Mar2017.  I have been officially “off the air” for three weeks and am now back to be read (I hope.) Let’s get down to it; I’m impatient to be off to the races! LOL. It’s the Basics Modified, of course, and the deck today is one of my very favorite TdeMarseille decks, *The Vieville Tarot* pub. By Jacques Vieville (1650) which in this case came with an accompanying book, *Interpretation du Tarot de Vieville* par Patrick Coq, Editions SIVILIXI (2013.) In French, obviously. It is a wonderful smallish tome on the deck AS PERCEIVED (perhaps?) in the XVII century; M. Coq does have his details down pat. Projecting yourself into a 17th century mentality is somewhat more chancily complex; I know this from my academic work on sexual identity construction in 16th century France. It is EXTREMELY difficult to “place yourself” in the mindset; nevertheless, he does a very credible job. This is not only my return to the blog, but the start of my natal month, so I asked for a very personal read this morning on the day, as well as hinting at the tenor of the month. The following is my draw: Sulfur = I the Magician; Mercury = XVIII the Moon reversed, and Salt = Valet of Coins, the 1st “personage” of the Tarot (as well as my Catalyst for Sulfur & Mercury in the “alchemical albedo,” . . . me.) (“Hmmm . . . I wonder if there is an *Alchemy For Dummies* on the market? If not, must investigate the need  . . .” GRIN.) If I reverse the reversed Moon, I can read the tableau; “Welcome to YOUR month, Mark! Yes, you ARE a Magician, and as you so well know, with the Ego to match; that is the pitfall of “Le Baga,”
as the book curiously informs me his ‘title’ was anon. I grok it; mastery of the 4 Elements, manifesting my Will left & right & up & down, Daring to Dare and having a surprisingly easy time not breaking my arm patting myself on the back. LOL. It IS true, my ego has undergone a LOT of cosmetic & esthetic surgery the last 10 years, and I find it much more pleasingly contoured than the loud, garish and overtly spectacular display of which it was capable in the “dark years.” (Small grin.) AS WELL, this month I celebrate my 65th birthday, which always has a particular relevance to an American born before the Tech revolution, circa 1952. It was the “legendary” age of retirement, and the “start of the Golden Years in which to “enjoy your silver hair & Polo-emblazoned clothes on a sunny golf course in Florida, & then retire to your beachfront condominium to get bonelessly-drunk on daiquiris. Conchita! Conchita!! When’s dinner?” Thank Osiris that particular foggy fantasy from the 50s got flushed down the crapper along with priests, bankers, lawyers and now presidents and of COURSE ALL politicians. (I never dreamed of that, not even as a child; I dreamed of leaving my hateful culture altogether and living in another age, an age of Faith, and of being a sage and just man. Of course, that was all intertwined with the growing pains of my infant ego, making much speedier progress along the growth spiral than I was, at least physically. I was one of those horrible “terribly precocious” children . . . the bane of parental feelings.) So I get it. Mark the Magician is itching to get out and strut a bit this month: I must take extra pains to not let that become obsessional; XIV in ALL things! Grin. On the flip side, my
Anima has decided to check into the Vap Clinic this month. She’s going for the Full Monty; a mud bath, in mud from the Styx, then a massage & manicure from the Erinyes, (the Fates) and wrapping up with a new ‘do from the Gorgon. Yes, she’s gone down, down, down into the Moon, to spend HER 65th birthday month in the Vaps, that profound and mystic land where she navigates as if with radar. I’m fine with that, AS LONG AS she doesn’t come roaring out of the primordial lunar soup roaring with rage and hell-bent on fucking things up JUST BECAUSE . . . . When she goes on these sprees, rarely enough, I leave her alone; and keeping in mind all of the work we have done together in recent years, I can positively hope that she will emerge from her new lunar plunge in a wiser, calmer, and more deeply informed manner of spirit. The energy needed to catalyze this duo as well as to typify the day & the month, is in the Page of Coins, the first “real person” we meet in the Tarot. He is that starter guy, and he’s quite a package. “An intelligent person, possessing the aptitudes of calculation, gifted with common sense, an open mind with a good capacity for judgement, mature and rather altruistic, the Valet of Coins must control his moral integrity, and maintain the subtle balance between mind and matter which characterizes him. Very active with an excellent capacity for work as well as the capacity to regenerate on the physical, emotional & mental planes; that is to say the capacity to physically regenerate, the stability of character and the aptitude to question himself and to innovate. According to his surroundings (cards,) he indicates success in material and intellectual affairs, especially advanced studies and research.” (Ibid; trans. by Mark Miller) I note that the end cards face each other, giving me the sense that the reading is complete in and of itself. Hi, Mark, welcome to 65! Keep an eye open, stay alert; you never know what the Magician may manifest this month!” I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a clear delineation of the day and our part in it. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!  

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