Friday, March 10, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10Mar2017. Today’s deck is the *Colleen A. Hardy Illustration & Tarot,* eponymous of course. Despite the definite feeling that Tarot is a plateau of artistic expression for her & not necessarily a personal interest seems to flicker at the edge of consciousness, but one isn’t sure. Nevertheless, it is a Beautiful, overlarge-sized deck (6.5cm X 4cm), with stunning imagery and it gives good read, believe me. Grin. And . . Onward & Upward! Today’s draw: Sulfur = XVII the Star; Mercury = X the Wheel of Fortune reversed, and Salt = the Ace of Cups. Given the imagery, tableau reading isn’t the way to go here, so we’ll just look down into the brackish pools of water covering human perception and see how far sight can perceive (aided most of the time by the torch of Intuition!) I’m a happy camper most of the time these days, after learning how to truly relax and let go some years ago. Seeing XVII the Star as my masculine call to action today is heart-lifting, insomuch as the Star has been a bosom buddy for about two years now; we’re tight. My outlook swung to the positive side of the zero balance scale, The Star was & is happy to frequent ma maison more often, and she is ALWAYS a welcome guest. Her “call to Action” today is somewhat unusual – she’s normally a more “cheer from the stands”” kind of friend (not repugnance of the Game, just a certain fastidiousness.) To enter into the active current of my animus says a lot about where she’s willing to put her money – on me. The Hope is welcome; she “lends” me good feelings and hope for my slowly developing new facet of life, public Tarot. In that I feel it is an unnecessary detour in my Journey for me (yes, it sounds hubristic, or is it fear? "Only the Shadow knows!" lol), she is FRANKLY saying,
“Chin up, pal! You are going to learn SO much! It’s Bright ahead!” I like that; it fits my mood today, one of optimism. Then we come to X the Wheel of Fortune reversed in my anima’s current current of reality (like that? Grin.) However, this one is as clear as crystal earrings hanging from the lobes of a beautiful goddess; money has been VERY tight recently, to such an extent that my wife made a decision to go to the bank and ask for an increase in her “découvert” – her overdraft limit. J. deals with most of the money matters in our house – she is far more economic than I, as well as the fact that she takes great Joy in doing the French market ‘thing,’ shopping daily for fresh produce, perhaps twice a week a good cut of meat, etc. She has a whole network of true friends that she has cultivated over the years at the markets, and it is a source of great pleasure for her. So finding our household account in distress, she made the decision she made. I am careful to point out that she ran it by me before she took action. She knows I’m deeply opposed to the credit system, even though it is a necessary evil, and that I do not like entering it voluntarily. However, needs press, and I count on her to have made the best among possible decisions, so the green light was lit, she took care of it, and today the Wheel has just passed the bottom of its rotation and is on the rise again. A vivid and current demonstration of the Wheel for both of us (I emphasize that my wife does not use the Tarot.) Therefore, X manifested and realized, instantly. Moving on to how I unite these two almost dimensionally different! currents of being are shown by 3) Salt, where I have the Ace of Cups. As mentioned yesterday, Cups are having a late blooming season in my life; I have never been a favorite or even welcome visitor at the Court of Cups; like Pat Benatar’s song, I used to believe that “Love Is a Battlefield.” “We are strong No one can tell us we're wrong Searching our hearts for so long Both of us knowing Love is a battlefield” Having said that, I am now experiencing, in a better
way than she, “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone,” so to speak; one of Tennessee William’s more tame explorations of the perverse. I am profiting from my life’s lessons at this stage of the Journey; needless to say Mrs. Stone did not. Nevertheless it is surprising, to say the VERY least, to have this suit open up its arms to me in a BIG WAY this year: I am stunned, grateful, and trying desperately to keep up! Grin. I have recently passed from the specific to the general; and it is proving both surprisingly easy and amazingly difficult, according to the situation, the people involved, and any specific blocks I may have to the situation.  I’m learning how to Love again, without desiring; it is liberating in unsuspected ways. To see the Ace of Cups, Emotions and Intuition, show up as the Energy to use today is to tell me that my straight run with the Cups is going to continue again today, and perhaps the lesson today is “Don’t take it all in at once; you have plenty of time, you have so much of the Journey in you already. Explore the totality of this Element in its purest form, in its seed and its manifestation, and wander the Halls of Cups at your leisure for the time being.” I’m sure that is the Queen of Cups whispering to me, as well as the Star, as well as the Wheel; I conspire against (with?) myself to open the beauties and wonders of the realm until now rather heavily filtered through my perceptions. This is turning out to be not only liberating & instructive, there is a tremendous feeling of happiness and joy which accompanies me at this time as I regard the possibilities of “Love” all around me, rather than “love” manipulated by me. I am having a really good time with this. I like today’s reading in that it is a shade more positive, upbeat & joyous than I am, but JUST a shade. I’m almost there, too, and it feels wonderful. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today a perception of Love. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!

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