Thursday, March 16, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 16Mar2017. Today I have used the original Basic Principles of Alchemy spread, unmodified by me. It calls for 3 Major Arcana cards instead of my change, 2 Majors and a Court card. Just to remind you, in considering the day at hand, that the cards symbolize: 1) Sulfur = the active male principle, my animus; 2) Mercury = the passive female principle, my anima, and 3) Salt = the Catalyzer for the previous two elements & their completion. I almost always see this as the “solvent” or energy card of the card of the draw. Of course, my role is predefined; furnace/container and the result is the Albedo, or one of the four stages of the alchemical process, meaning “whiteness.” The deck today is *The Raziel Tarot*, a new effort from two renowned tarologues, Rachel Pollock (text) and Robert M. Place (cards/art.) It is beautiful, and the accompanying booklet is sage and full of HELPFUL explications of the Jewish mysticism involved in this deck. I really enjoy it, although a lot of the innate Jewishness in the framework of the “mythology”
is lacking to me because I have no real knowledge of the Jewish faith outside of the Tarot and Jewish friends. For this day I have drawn: 1) XIII Death; 2) XVII the Star, and 3) II the High Priestess. I like the reading, even if it is rather sobering. Great & profound change is in order for the day on the agenda of my animus: a meeting with the Shekinah, here greeting Moses at the threshold of Death and offering him Heaven or Nothingness, is certainly momentous. I trust that the magnitude of this event is going to be GREATLY reduced today in dealing with me, or so I fervently hope! Grin. On the books for my anima today is a chat with XVII the Star. A deep wellspring of Hope and transformation, she is here equated with Ishtar, the Babylonian star goddess whom the Israelites learned of during the Captivity. She is the Promised Land.
Finally, the Slat/Catalyst to unite the efforts of these two symbols, to pull in tandem, is the job of the powerful & “mystic” knowledge of II the High Priestess. Or, to phrase it more properly, of the knowledge she HOLDS, and which I must obtain and utilize; it IS being offered today as the oil that will both power and lubricate the Machine. It is a NOT uneventful day before me, I see; I intuit it as well, because forces stronger than me have had the courtesy to tell me that they are coming to life and have some alterations they are going to impose on my Journey. This is a GOOD thing, as the more hints and signposts you can receive towards the latter half of the Major Arcana is sometimes the only way to find a path through the Labyrinth. I’m not speaking of “currying favor with the gods,” but rather activating your own inner divinities to supply you out of a spiritual bank of knowledge on another plane available to everyone, IF they look for it. That is why you have & need the High Priestess – she is not only your guide but your translator and quiet encouragement along the Way. You are not meant to become friends with her, she exists in solitary contemplation and meditation; and there is your clue as to how to enter her realm.  As I said, this is a good draw, if a thoughtful one. There is a LOT to contemplate here, and to discern. I trust that I shall be able to do so today; I am feeling, although a bit off of my stride, strong, capable and concentrated enough to deal with at least the first three levels of this card. After that, I have to leave it to my heart, mind & soul to unravel further developments to be had from today’s reading. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of calm quietness to feel the connection with the Mother today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!

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