Thursday, March 23, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23Mar2017. It is the usual Basics Modified spread today, and the deck is a megastar favorite, *Tarot Apokalypsis* by Erik C. Dunne (artist) & Kim Huggens (text.) With World mythology for the Major Arcana and specific cultures for the suits, Erik’s particular style of art shines in glory. Ms. Huggen’s text is appropriately equal to the task of accompanying the stunning cards. A definite 5-Star addition for any tarologue’s collection. Onward and Upward! The draw today revealed: Sulfur = XXI the World (see below); Mercury = XIII Death, and Salt = the Princess of Cups. I LIKE today’s reading. About XXI the World . . . when I first drew Sulfur & Mercury, a Major came up that I had forgotten to remove, as it is an extra card to the deck, “The All Gifted.” She looks & sounds like she is one transgalactic step above & beyond XXI the World; she is Pandora, the Giver of Gifts, the All Gifted (supposedly all the gods of Olympus gave her a gift at her creation by Hephaistos. Hesiod.) As a divinatory card, she represents “Giving of oneself to others; bestowing goodness and blessings; identifying one’s strengths so they can be used for the benefit of others or wider community; acknowledging oneself as divinely created and gifted; hope for the future; the self.” (*Tarot Apokalypsis* by Kim Huggens. Allied Fortune, Torino. 2016.) (A part of the limited deluxe edition.) She sounds like a Bodhisattva – oh heck, she doesn’t just sound like one, she IS one; which is rather odd, being Pandora and all, unless the true depth of her tale is told when she is reversed. Nevertheless, there she was, and to be honest, I felt as if I was being shamelessly flattered. Perhaps that is where my animus is aiming now, I don’t know, but I feel I STILL have oodles of work to do to scratch and claw (elegantly!) my way to the summit and XXI.
Yes, and then . . . you turn right around and do it all over again . . . EXCEPT, there seems to be this option offered by this deck, which is of course not the deck’s “creation” of the position but a new awareness of it. Thanks, Erik. Grin. However, still feeling rather Japanese (shame, folks, shame,) I downgraded myself to XXI the World, even though it isn’t really that way at all – The All Gifted doesn’t “follow” the World, it just “seems” that way. Nevertheless, going boldly where no Fool has gone before, I made the switch for blog purposes; I keep in my head what the draw “actually” is. I would be humbled beyond words to attain “boddhisattvahood,” but perhaps a little irked, as well; it would mean staying tied to this planet in order to help others. Hmmm, I don’t kick up my heels at that prospect, but I AM making a conscious effort these days to be “Kind.” So who knows, if it is a part of my Path, then so mote it be, right? Right! Gliding along with the Solar Bark, we arrive at my Mercury for today, XIII Death. Ho-hum, in a way; I have NO fear of death, just anticipation for the next unknown stop. Therefore, when XIII Death makes an appearance, I do not get frissons of mortality; I think “Yeah, yeah, I know, more promises, but I have to wait. Dammit.” When it shows up as it does here, in my anima, I take that to mean she is considering some slightly less urgent sides of the matter, such as practical considerations. I myself have had a few pre-funerary thoughts lately; “What will become of my Tarot decks? Should I will them to somebody specific? Or an org.?” and other similar musings. I insisted, several years back, that my wife & I both obtain “death insurance;” one of us dies, the other makes one phone call and (theoretically) Whisk! all of the details are swept up in the efficient if pale & clammy hands of the funeral director (I like the French; “le pompe funèbre” or “le croque-mort.” Grin!) On the other grey skeletal hand, she may be as eagerly looking forward to “the Jump” as am I, and for similar, if her own, reasons. I see no reason why my anticipation shouldn’t be shared by my whole being, eh? Correct. “No, Bobby, too late; I answered the question myself. Go to the corner and put on the hat.” Grin. Sailing gaily onward, I am NOT surprised to find the Princess of Cups as my
Salt today, the Catalyst that shall motivate the other two to get to work, together. Before I even drew the card, I thought, “It’s going to be Cups today, I know it; the bum’s rush is on for turning on my emotional attention. Intuition is all fine & good, Mark, but hey, pal, if you don’t use your pump you might as well put hot lead in it!” (Jumping into my 1930 Packard, I speed away.) I am a bit scared of the Princesses – gawd, isn’t that a ballless thing to say? LOL. I am of little girls, too. LOLOL. They are so delicate, so alien, so mindlessly cruel it is breathtaking; and they are adored for it, which is all the more a bizarroïde niche of the human psyche. Nevertheless . . . I knew that it was going to be some sort of force like this – guileless, ineluctable, sweet, inevitable and soft-kitty-furred pressure from an iron grip inside the glove. The force, skill, ruthlessness & cunning of Woman is SO vastly underrated and misunderstood. There is a REASON females are the hunter/killers in most species of large predators; they are far more pitiless and dedicated to the kill. The fact that mankind refuses to recognize this is laughable. Okay, okay . . . so there she prances and pirouettes, innocently smiling at you with Sin flaming in her eyes; “but my Gawd, Cavendish, she’s ONLY 13 !!” As my tastes aren’t THAT aberrational (I will never understand the sexual attraction to children,) I see her for the delightful little manipulator she is, all with good intention and large heart. She is “Psyche, goddess of the Soul and Awakening.” (ibid)  Her “Revelation” in the quite beautiful & useful large book that accompanies the deck, is the “Awakening of emotions or love; inner vision; a visionary, mystic, dreamer, or seer; the manifestation of artistic desire; the manifestation of imagination and creativity; putting foundations beneath creative endeavors; a muse; seeking inspiration; twin flames; falling in love; an object of love; the soul being awakened; allowing one’s emotions to be immersive; fertility of the heart; potential of a relationship.” (Ibid)  ALL good stuff, and certainly framed more for the velvet glove than the iron fist, but believe me, the metal tang is there. LOL. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the help of “implacable” Love today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!  

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