Saturday, March 25, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 25Mar2017. The spread is the usual Basics Modified and the deck today is the *Golden Dawn Temple Tarot* by N. Farrell, H. Wendrich & N. Wendrich. A large, colorful deck (color schemes assigned by the GD to the MA) and some damn fine symbolism make the read clear, concise and the color schemes do have an effect on how one reads the cards. Today I have: Sulfur = XXI the Universe; Mercury = XIV Temperance, and Salt = the Prince of Swords. (I’m having a hard time concentrating on writing right now; we are having a classic thunderstorm with dark skies, lightning, faint thunder and torrential rain with wind. I LOVE weather like this, as long as I’m not at sea. A truly “atmospheric” way to start the day! ) It is a fine reading, if a bit on the repetitive side. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, I really don’t, but yeah, yeah, I GET it! My animus is moving towards total divestment of self and reunification with the Divine while my Female/Mercury/passive/anima is counseling, nay demanding, moderation and “take it slow & easy” as I “mount the steps” towards reunification with the Divine, on WHATEVER level or degree of experience I am slated to experience THIS TIME AROUND. Never let us forget that this ISN’T a one-time Journey; we repeat the Path, the Journey, again and again, EXACTLY as if we are folding and tempering metal over and over again to make the most refined & tensile “soul steel” possible,
to ascend higher and higher where only more & more refined states of being can exist. As I head into the second half of my sixties, I feel more than a little good that I was able to do so much work this time around on love, and Love, and loving and being loved. And What the Fuck It Means! Grin. I’m not saying I have the nut cracked, but I WAS able to transcend some crippling limits imposed on me (by myself?) and to see desire for Desire, and the trap that it always is. So, XXI the Universe (Animus) is powering up to get out and up there and go to work among the stars; hell, he’s straining at the bit! LOL. Anima, however, is laying a gently restraining hand on his forearm, saying, “Whoa, Mister! If you want to do this correctly, to do it ‘right,’ then slow down your hasty pace and enter the Celestial City, “as one long prepared and graced with Courage.” (C.P. Cavafy) And where is the wellspring, the Pegasus that will carry me to that City? “Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s . . . the Prince of Swords!” If he wasn’t so damned stubborn, distrustful & suspicious he’d be a damn fine guy! LOLOL – yeah, I would have been. This is ME, a long time ago, when I was full of fire and ice and testosterone straight up with an olive. “I was something,” I think, shaking my head and truly wondering how I made it out of my own life alive; I shouldn’t have, you know. I’m one of those people who live by the maxim that I shall have no regrets when I step through the Portal. Sing it, Edith, Sing It! Grin. Away from my Youth now, to a large degree (I have kept an insatiable curiosity, a rather vulgar sense of humor and an incisive and curious mind prone to skepticism,)  I have learned to add Patience and Moderation to the mix, as well as ‘amping’ up the Common Sense, a quality I always minimized. I’m one of those people who has
been “protected above and beyond all understanding” by higher beings and powers for an ultimate reason, a job for which I would be needed later in life. So here I am, with only the vaguest idea of how to start my day on the job, and simply trusting to the “Known Good,” such as I know it, to not have misplaced or misidentified me, to know what “It” is doing, and that I will be given information on a “need to know basis.” Part B doesn’t always know what critical function it fulfils for Part A in order to produce Part C; it just knows it is vital & necessary IN ITS JOB. I am trusting to the same principle; yes, I have delusions of being someone better, grander than me, but truth to tell I am pretty impressed I’ve made it this far; I had to come from a dark, dark place to get up here in the lands of Light. And for most of my youth the only way POSSIBLE to “go forward, to evolve” was on that destrier charging into the fray, sword drawn and ready to kick the ass of anyone who dared to say that I had no right to leave the darkness, had no right to walk the Path of Light.  I grok this reading; it is as if I am looking at the higher octave of an experience already subjectively understood and yet vague & ‘in flux’ around the outlines, an experience that isn’t a “one-timer,” that is one of those “repeater moments” that mark a “Pay Attention, Pal!” moment in one’s life. I’m going to jot down some quick facts on the cards before I sign off. XXI – “The Great One of the Night of Time.” Progression into higher evolutionary patters & a true Love of life. XIV – “Daughter of the Reconcilers and Bringer Forth of Light.” Inner Realization of duality and pure path to the True Will. An archetype of Healing. The Prince of Swords – “Prince of the Chariot of the Winds, the Prince Emperor of the Sylphs.” Air of Air, striding from 20° Capricorn to 20° Aquarius. Challenge and Stimulation. Attentive precision, unemotional, independent: solitary by preference. That is the basic info wrap-up on the cards, WHICH, HOWEVER, in no way conveys the “read” – that gestalt I “see” & “feel” and “experience” when I look at the spread. Only by “seeing the tableau” can I understand the full import of today’s reading. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL enhanced insight into our day today. Be Well! Be Zen! Be Blessed!  

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