Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 28Mar2017. My usual spread is in use today and the deck is *Le Tarot Flamand* par F. I. Vandenborre, Bruxelles, 1780. It is a VERY unusual Tarot de Marseille deck, and quite funny, though unintentionally so, I am sure. I really enjoy it for its entertainment value. So, let’s take a look at the “omelette,” so to speak, the making of which cannot be constituted without the breaking of several ova. Here are MY alchemical ova for the day: Sulfur = XV le Diable; Mercury = III L’Imperatris, and Salt = la Reine des Deniers. (Devil, Empress, Queen of Coins.) The VERY 1st thing that strikes me about this draw is the ‘bookend’ quality, with my Anima in Empress being the ONLY book on the shelf AND being ignored by my Animus and the engine of Change, the Queen. It makes for a lovely Christian orthodox triptych but it makes for a lonely Tarot reading. My Anima feels alone; the male current is off haring after his usual concerns of exploiting the Devil without being exploited by him, and not paying much attention to III the Empress, whereas the Queen of Coins has energy to spare and to give this construct some power, perhaps even enough to unite it, BUT she doesn’t look prone to do that, does she? No, she’s looking like she couldn’t give a rat’s ass about whatever situation the Empress finds herself in, and I can almost picture her energy jumping across and over the Empress to help the exploration of the Devil, XV. Yes, it’s all subjective, but my intuition is running strong this morning and I am identifying with that Anima/Empress construct way too much to be indifferent to the indifference of the Devil and the Queen. HOWEVER, it isn’t pissing me off, I can both see and feel that; it is simply giving me a very firm and solid center of “There’s only you today, honey, so pull up your pantyhose and get tough!” Grin. It is a decent draw, as far as being ignored and undervalued as a woman goes. (LOLOL, get me, singing the female blues! LOL.)
And actually, I’m fine with that, too, because that falls under one of my “manic Marsha Homemaker” facets, “If you want it done right, do it yourself!” Marsha is a BIG believer in that, and even though she/I am long accustomed “to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” it really doesn’t have to bother me to slip on my female identity and get some shit done. Let me tell you a not-so-little secret; when you really want to power up and put your motor in gear, pick up and slip on your Anima-With-A-Purpose mask. You will be an unstoppable bitch, especially if you are already kind of a bitch anyway as a man. LOLOL. The key to understanding here is that the word “bitch” is NOT gendered. Nor is it necessarily bad. For instance, when a badass bitch of a lioness brings down a gazelle, she’s simply feeding her tribe, not being socially perverted and maladapted. Bitches get a bad rap. LOL. Other than that, to tell you the honest-to-fuck truth, I don’t care much what my Animus is up to today, off chasing that will-o’-the-wisp Devil in some phallic pursuit of unity, (we were here YESTERDAY, for Odin’s sake!) and the Queen of Coins is being her usual self in my life, polite, over generous and distant. I have known a number of Coin Queens in my life, and ALL of them, while generous with their resources and kindness, have ALL been intensely private & neurotic women who had a role for me to play in their inner world and “fuck whether I knew the lines or not.” Women love to take care of and then try to control me; they are always successful in the 1st instance and never in the 2nd. Luckily for me AND for them, I DO payoff BIG, just not in the manner which they thought they wanted. Back to the Tableau . . . It is really quite striking, isn’t it, the obviousness of it? Not to mention the weirdnesses and oddities of the cards themselves, which I love. The weirder a TdeM, the better, as far as I’m concerned.  Death reminds me of something not unlike one of those composite Aztec or Mayan gods, with several heads, a plumed jaguar or serpent or two, claws, human arms, etc. This is one of the WEIRDEST TdeM “Deaths” I have ever seen, and it makes me smile. Our cross-eyed empress
and transsexual Queen of Coins (her name used to be Hubert) look absolutely normal by comparison, do they not? Grin. Enough of me joking around – I DO find the figures unintentionally hilarious, but deeply weird with a purpose, as well; they make you think, a LOT, about why you are seeing what you are seeing and what it means TO YOU. (The more I look at Harriet, the Queen of Coins, the more I see the old Hubert, before she followed her idol Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, who by the way makes a LOUSY-looking female as well. Her Majesty looks capable, alright, but FAR less concerned for “you” as she is concerned for herself – it isn’t hard to imagine that coin as a mirror.) As a “Queen of Coins” myself, (when it falls to me, of course; I do not make a habit of deliberately straying from my gender except to be my Anima,) I know the power of patronage and encouragement, and that whole energy construct works better with someone like me anyway, someone who doesn’t give a flying frog about “the value of a dollar.” I have never had the false reverence, worship & respect for the blind green god Mammon that so many others have practiced since birth. It isn’t that my parents weren’t faithful to Mammon, they were, and they tried to instill that value in all three of their children; I, alone of the three, and the eldest, chose to believe it was a crock of horseshit. Money was so universally easy, I saw; why get all in a lather about it? It’s only a tool, a screwdriver! “Good gawd, get a grip, Gloria!” Poor, rich, in-between; been there, done that, and IT DOESN’T MATTER. Thank the formless Divine that THAT is one delusion under which I do not belabor myself.  So. .  Mark the phallus is off chasing the Devil; Mark the uterus is staying home to guard the fort and seek to fill the universe with love and plenty, and Mark the jingly Queen is somewhere in her counting house, not particularly concerned but on call if needed for a dose of Good, Common sense. Thanks, Oprah. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today the sight to see beyond the material to the heart of a matter. Be Well! Be Zen! Be Blessed!    

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