Thursday, March 9, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08Mar2017. The spread is my standard daily, the Basics Modified (Sulfur, Mercury, Salt,) and the deck today is something a bit special, a Spanish deck called el *Tarot Cabalistico* by J. A. Portela. There is one oddity about this deck; it has a 0 the Fool, but it also has XXII the Comet, signifying suprahuman intervention. As design would have it, XXII the Comet as my Sulfur today! Sober grin. I’m ready, I think! To face a suprahuman intelligence with some sangfroid and deep respect. It is important, however, to keep one’s senses about one when dealing with anything supra-. The draw in full is thus: Sulfur = XXII the Comet; Mercury = XX Judgement, and Salt = the Page of Cups. That’s quite a draw, and if I could reel it off as a scenic postcard, I’m not sure if I would anyway. (So much for tableau readings with this deck! LOL.) I want to do something a little out-of-the-ordinary with this extraordinary deck; I’m going to give you the full entries from the LWB, with commentary along the way. So, Onward & Upward! First, let’s take a look at Sulfur, my male, active current today. XXII the Comet; “Represents: Suprahuman intelligences, intra, extra or ultraterrestrials. Astrological relationship: The spiral, the wheel of the cycles (manvantara and the cosmic pralaya,) to be or not to be the color Black. Cabalistic relationship: The Invisible Paths of the Tree of Life. Prophetic meaning: Face up: the absurd, the unreal, madness. Face down: Confusion, irresponsibility.” (LWB) Okay . . . this is the only card that signifies that madness is a positive choice! Grin.
Aside from that, I do take the Comet in the poetic sense, especially the Greek poetic sense – deific intervention, the ‘divine’ madness bestowed upon the prophet as a mark of favor and ‘protection’ of a sort. To tell you the naked truth, I suppose I am as ready as I will ever be to face some deity if one appears in my life today; I can hope that I shan’t lose bowel control. Grin. On a more mundane note, this card evokes the direct ‘irruption’ in my life of the superior intelligences, or states of intelligence if you prefer, intervention of the “spiritual” in my life; I can only wait to find out what this entails and produces. Let’s move on. Mercury = XX Judgement [a familiar friend by now!]. As Sulfur is my male current, Mercury is my female current, and here, as usual, I find her studying more deeply the cards that have come to me as Sulfur the last few days. She is CONSISTENTLY the 2nd day of study of that 1st card. In XX Judgement; “Represents: Opinion towards oneself, of others and of the person hirself. The Judgement or synthesis which allows understanding of the ultimate reality and trancendation of the mind (final judgement.) [This is starting to sound more and more as if I’m going to be “passing the Portal” today!! I hope not, I’ve still got a few loose ends to tie up! . But if so, it’s been wonderful knowing you ALL. ۞] Astrological relationship: Planet Pluto, the Lord of Lights and Shadows, musical note DOH, color red. Cabalistic relationship: Hebrew letter Shin (tooth) path 31 of the Tree of Life (Rebirth) which unites the kingdom Malkuth with
splendor HOD. Prophetic meaning: Face Up – Change of ideas, fame, popularity [???]." (LWB)  I have had XX a LOT lately, and NEVER has it entered my mind that it represents fame & popularity. Bad call, there, I believe. Nevertheless, I grok the gist; and since I have had numerous recent meetings with XX in the last few days, I understand it on a different level entirely, that of the 1st sentences, the transcendence of the mind towards the understanding embodied in XXI the World. And finally, as my Salt, I have the Prince of Cups. This whole suit is basically a newborn in my construct, as this suit has never had very much time for me along the years, despite my deep desires for meaningful relationship. What I didn’t know then was that it WOULD come to me, but later in life, not in my youth. I am delighted it came at ALL, yet a bit sad that I couldn’t use the energy of my youth (and my sexual drive) in a loving relationship; I had them, relationships, but loving care & soul-tending were NOT on the agenda; fearful subconsciouses were present on both parts. We THOUGHT it was love; it was an issue of CONTROL, and sex was always secondary. Back to Cups; from the LWB we have this: “#40, Page of Cups, Represents: the emotions of desire-fear. The material plane. Astrological relationship: the earth part of Water. Cabalistic relationship: Tree of Life, water of Assiah the world of action. Hebrew letter HEH of Water. Prophetic meaning: Face Up: Amorous proposal.” (LWB) LOLOLOL . . . Grin. Ha! we’ll see about that, but in the meantime, this is the energy recommended to me today to deal with “the deity arriving” and the catalyzation of the Sulfur & Mercury in the albedo, Me. I can see that; any one likes to be met with Love, perhaps more so a suprahuman intelligence?? I’ll find out, I suppose. SO . . .  there’s my day: I’m not applying the vast and heavy machinery of the “Tarot autopsy procedure” today, I’m going to fly on light wing towards whatever encounter may arise on this lovely day. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the beatific feeling of being on the right Path. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!     

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