Sunday, March 12, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 13Mar2017. The usual spread, and today’s deck is the *Oswald Wirth Tarot,* eponymous; it is a reliable, colorful but curiously “flat” TdeMarseille. My draw today is: Sulfur = XI Strength reversed; Mercury = VIIII the Hermit, and Salt = the Knight of Coins. This is a VERY clear reading for me; yesterday, while on the way to see a friend in the hospital, I was overcome with faintness, then I overheated, then I got dizzy and momentarily blacked out, but came back instantly, only to tell me wife I’d better return home tout de suite. I arrived home, fainted again, and then slept for five hours, sweating profusely. I awoke feeling that whatever it had been had passed, but I was weak. So-o-o, today I can perfectly understand Strength upside down – not in the sense of not having my two natures united, but in an actual sudden loss of strength. 
My feminine current today is VIIII the Hermit (never subtract in old usage of Roman numerals, only add.) This, too, is perfectly understandable. My “more emotional” side isn’t into company at all, other than one brief journey to the hospital again, this time to pick up our friend being released today. That’s cool, I can handle that, plus I want to “atone” for yesterday. But other than that, I can feel the call of withdrawal today extremely well, and will try to do my best to follow its siren song. (I have also decided that I need to go for a new round of blood tests; it’s been awhile, and with all the meds I have taken in the last 3 years require more regular updates than I or my doctor seem to remember. Not his fault; I picked him for his humanity and good heart, not for being the sharpest mind out of medical school; for THAT, I go to specialists. He’s my “general practitioner,” which one must have in France, because specialists need to be referred by him, you can’t just walk in. Otherwise, our rendez-vous are typified by my diagnosis and my drug recommendations, 
which he writes the scrip for and I obtain. No, I don’t have any medical training, but a lifetime of experience both personal and familial have left me the framework of one. That is also ‘my’ Hermit, taking care of himself because he prefers it that way. “Trust in professionals is earned, not given,” is my motto.)  Finally, how am I to interpret the Knight of Coins as my Salt/Catalyst? It seems the only way I CAN interpret it with reference to the spread is a kind of “Fight the good fight, Mark, stay true to the earth and the fruits of your toil.” I get it; bring that spirit of solidity and terrestrial 3D concern to caring for myself today – use the earth energy I possess to re-establish the length, height and breadth of my health, which is to say its physical well-being. I don’t worry for my moral or spiritual well-being at the moment, which is a blessing; I can concentrate on this paint-flaking, wobbly-wheeled chariot to an extent to where I can probably make effective inroads into utilizing good sense & care concerning my health. So really, in the end, this reading comes across today as primarily concerned with my physical state and what I can do today to ameliorate any indications of illness. So yes, I can do that. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a clear regard in examining our states of health. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed! 

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