Friday, March 17, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 17Mar2017, AKA Green Beer Day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day if you are either Irish or a practicing Roman Catholic (never lose faith; one of those can be cured! Grin.) Today I revert to my Basics Modified spread, and the deck is the *Tarot of Dreams* by Ciro Marchetti & Lee Burstyn (text.) I believe this is the preferred deck of the artist, being the creator of several decks, as he felt more “artistically free” designing this one. It is an excellent deck, and a reliable read. Today’s draw is: Sulfur = XIV Temperance; Mercury = XX Judgment and Salt = the King of Coins. Hello, old friends all! It is interesting to me to see not a usual pairing (for me) in the reversed order of their usual presentation. Sulfur is most often the element for XX, and XIV is quite often found as Mercury. Today, however, I notice I’m being told to “moderate my impatience” while my anima catches up with her side of the necessary step of the “Halls of Judgement.” (In Egyptian mythology, this is the Hall of the Afterlife where Osiris sits in judgement while your heart is weighed against the Feather of Truth. Ma’at stands nearby, as well as your guide Anubis and the monster Ammit, in case you should {{shudder}} fail.) 
My spread this morning is “just” open to tableau reading, and looking at it, I know that I am intuiting a total meaning better than I could by individual analysis. So let’s take a look this morning at . . . well, certainly neither the ‘La Coronation de Napoléon’ nor ‘Le Radeau de la Méduse.’ Grin (David & Géricaux, respectively.) My animus is “being put” in “Hurry Up and Wait!” mode, a position he knows and dislikes intensely. I say “he” as if I’m talking about a marionette (cue spooky music) but I’m not that far gone, it is just me; the animus in me, which at this point I consider almost atavistic, in a knot of degenerate genetic traits left over from the dawn of Mark, which shall be excised at the next opportunity . I expect that to be, most likely, a part of the Death experience; it may, however, occur at any moment between now & then, provided I am in an extraordinary moment with extraordinary forces to hand. This moment is NOT a great concern to me; it will come when it comes. Therefore, I don’t spend a lot of time either manifesting it or trying to prevent its manifestation. My attitude toward it is that it will happen when it is THAT time for me, to transcend that particular limit for once & for all. Perhaps mortally, perhaps not, who knows, and I don’t actually give a *toot*. Moving on (“Glide, Gilbert, glide; for gawd’s sake!)  My anima is “right on my tail,” (if it is possible for ‘me’ to detach & lag behind ‘me’! LOL!) But I know exactly where she is, what she is experiencing, because I feel it as a newly strong echo of the ‘just happened’ experience of my animus with that card. We are BOTH “there,” but perhaps I can admit that there is a kind of perceptual lag because I DO favor the animus – a long-known truth, but no less irritating. I am a masculine enough guy without needing to build Potemkin villages showcasing pretended machismo. Ha; I wouldn’t even buy it, myself! LOL. So I am going to “leave her there” today, “playing catch-up” when there is no need for it at all, a fact she knows as well. Ah, to each his own. Finally, to establish harmony between my two impatient 
currents I have drawn the King of Cups. This is a not unwelcome, but rare visitor; I am often host to the Kings of Swords and Wands, have had one or two doubtful encounters with Cups, but this King, who has, in a fashion, been so central in my life since birth is relatively unknown to me. And yet I feel a very warm kinship: to a certain extent, he reminds me of two friends I have, brothers, both of whom are “golden men,” gold of heart, clean of soul and clear of intent. They are precious to me. I could wish I had been that kind of man, except it is like an orange wishing it could have been an apple – a complete non-sequitur. I am, however, DELIGHTED that Destiny & my Will saw fit to bring them into my life, I profit from their mutual vibrations. And I KNOW the kind of Energy that is being told to me as the most efficient “current” to get the male/female, active/passive pair in the tandem harness and trot down the Path ensemble, a duo of Intent and Action. I shall have to see how the day “blossoms” to detect to which bees I shall sing later this morning. LOL. But I know that steady is the hand of the king on his realm, caretaker, father and guard of tradition that he is. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today the feeling of the need to manicure the Garden. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!  


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