Thursday, March 30, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to the Fool’s Tarot for 30Mar2017. Today I have used my Basics Modified spread and the deck is again the *Tabula Mundi Tarot: Colores Arcus Edition* by M. M. Meleen. We all know how gorgeous I find this deck, how useful, how true, how etc., I shan’t belabor the point. Just buy it and take your Tarot reading to incredible levels, or don’t and remain ignorant and stinking in the dark the rest of your life, with bad breath and large dark hairs sprouting out of the moles on your chin and nose. (LOL – Grin.) Ooops! I see lice running through your hair, too! (Grin.) I’m looking at the cards today and feeling rather Edwardian; “My! Now that’s a handsome woman, indeed!” Not that it is either a woman or dated, it is just my bombast. They really ARE gorgeous cards, and BECAUSE of that, I believe I (we?) tend to imbue them with more of the “mystical vibe” we seek than some other deck of simple black line drawings, which we can appreciate aesthetically yet they have no power to emotionally engage us. (Me.) Today I have drawn: Sulfur = XX the Aeon; Mercury = XII the Hanged Man, and Salt = the Ace of Disks. (“It’s a big role in the school play, Anne-Marie. Don’t fuck it up, or your parents will hear about what you did to William-Joseph in your beginners’ chemistry lab. Do you understand, little missy?” Grin.) (In reference to yesterday’s somewhat brutal pull of XVI the Tower, XIII Death and the Queen of Disks; it turned out that the reading was referring to my breaking with my old lifestyle, “one more time, fer Keerist’s sake!” It really IS time to jettison the old life and dedicate myself wholly and truly to my helping others through Tarot and/or any affiliated subject. [Not that I’m an expert on everything! I just have a pretty good overview of the fields.]) Today it is back to POSITIVE encouragement with the repeated news that my Animus is in the Aeon, my Anima is ready to entirely sacrifice the old for the new and the energy to conduct both of these acts smoothly at the same time is available to me in the Ace of Disks. Raw, rooted, Earth power; Starting Point for Manifestation and the birth of the 3D world. The beginning of the Climb back from the nadir of the Descent. This Ace is the ROOT ACE of the entire Tarot deck; it comes first, and as our root & reality as we take up a deck a cards it is undeniably both powerful and not in a mood to share, much less let go entirely. I LIKE this Ace, the manifestation of Manifestation, and little Harpocrates crouched inside waiting to come out and spit up on your silk tank top. Grin. Check it out – all three cards have eggs awaiting birth – the Aeon has the alembic waiting to give birth to Ouroboros, the Cosmic Egg hanging in the Tree with the Hanged Man, and finally Harpocrates inside, again, the winged Cosmic Egg that arose upon the Lily that rose out of the 1st primordial Mud that issued from the Waters of Chaos.  Whew! That’s a bit like telling how your 2Xgreat-granddad met your 2Xgreat-grandma at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904! LOL. These cards obviously aren’t meant for a tableau reading, but I can’t help but go there, of course. And actually, as far as triptychs go, it isn’t bad at all. We have our central “christ-like” figure, flanked by St. Peter (the future, the Aeon) and his ma, the Shekinah, if you like, or the BVM, if you are hopelessly provincial. Grin.) Oh my metropolitans! It’s an orthodox triptych! LOLOLOL. No, it isn’t, but the gold & the colors and the lushness can give it “that” allure. There is nothing wrong with being 
“religiously sexy;” there is an entire calendar now of “orthodox priests” involved in a variety of homoerotic  and S/m play scenes, and the taboos are dead in a number of previously forbidden expressions. My point being that what I see here as a tableau is a tale of arrival backed with preparation and inspiration. ALL three cards look really GOOD to me; they are PROMISING cards, they give me overwhelming proof that I still have a job to do, that I’m not being retired yet. I KNOW that one aspect of the job is teaching; I am beginning to suspect that the job is going to involve other equally committed needs and the energy to fuel them must come from me. It is a good feeling to be necessary; it is also a bit frustrating when you aren’t yet sure what the job description is for which you have been wholeheartedly hired. “OK, Mark! Wow, we are really glad to have you on board! We’ve needed someone with your talents for a long time. I know you’ll fit right in and get the hang of it immediately, it will be like old home week for you!” (Oh shit, I sincerely hope not. I love my place & land of birth, but would consider seeing them again as a sign of a backpedaling failure or rebuff.) The Cosmic Egg next to the Hanged Man reminds me of nothing so much as a beehive, and I LOVE bees, and “appreciate” honey for the divine gift it is. He is being ‘reborn,’ in fact, in an anthropological wonderland! Actually, he isn’t a man; he is a god, Odin (notice the missing eye.) The dragon around the Tree is Necksa, the 
elemental king of the Undines, another avatar of Neptune, the planet most closely associated with the Hanged Man. Remember, The Hanged Man is sacrificing in order to gain Knowledge! It isn’t a one-way street; he gets something out of it, too, in exchange for the eye he gave to Mimir, the Aesir who was later beheaded and his head carried by Odin for snippets of knowledge & advice. (Wow, eh?) (Apparently, Mimir owns the pool at the foot of Yggdrasil, the World Tree??)  Then there are the “cootie-catchers” with Hebraic letters on either side, his own Eye in the pool below, and the fact that his celebrated body posture is actually the symbol for Sulfur. On the left, in my Animus, is the Wondercard of XX the Aeon, and it is such a beauty that it deserves an entry of its own. (Soon, perhaps?) Here, however, it simply signals that, “Yes, Mark, you HAVE stepped through into the Halls of Judgment, and now we are all just waiting for all the aspects of you & your journey to catch up to you, as they will do sooner or later, before we can get on with the weighing of your heart and your next assignment in the Afterlife.” (Do you think there’s a 401K package and good benefits? LOLOLOL!) I’m ready – I’m more than ready, in so many ways, and not in others nor ever will be, I am sure. That is being “human.” But at the moment I have the most desperate feeling that I am just “marking time,” so to speak, until I can get on the place and get out of this ‘burg and on to the next destination. I’m not in a hurry, but it feels like that; I don’t WANT to die, but I won’t complain if it comes sooner than expected. In the meantime, there is a LOT of work to make sure I leave a clean house and my affairs in order – and I am speaking psychically and metaphysically, not antimacassars and iron-clad testaments. I NEED to make sure I leave the door open behind me. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today the ability to see a glimpse of our endings and beginnings. Be Well! Be Zen! Be Blessed!  


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