Saturday, March 4, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 05mar2017: today the spread is the Basics Modified, and the deck is the *Sola-Busca Tarot* by Jerry Sola-Busca from Queens, New Jersey, and his scallywag gang of Italian ruffians, Giordano Berti, Andrea Aste & Andrea Vitali. LOL, no, that’s a lie, it is a beautiful and very rare; it was painted by Nicola di maestro Antonio (Florence 1448 – Ancona 1511; Sola-Busca was the name 
of the noble Milanese family that owned it.) and is the only 15th century complete deck in existence. It is also different in that all of the illustrations involve people rather than symbols. Onward and Upward! It is going to be rather short today, boys & girls, because I’m not seeing any mysteries, just statements of fact. Perhaps that is better: I feel like I know the cards well enough to grok a reading at first glance, in the overall generalities. Only when cards don’t make sense in their placement am I baffled, but there is always a reason; think, Mark, think! LOL. Sometimes it isn’t “think!” but “Intuit, Mark, intuit!!” Grin. So, today is: Sulfur = XVIIII, Sabino (the Sun); Mercury = Panfilio (the Magician), and Salt = the Ace of Amphora (Cups.) This is a pretty solidified reading! Masculine me, active me is scanning the sky, “looking for a superior hint. I have foresight and am waiting for the Moment. My knowledge of secrets is vast.” (LWB) Surely that is a reasonable interpretation of XIX the Sun! “Masculine form of Sabinus, a Roman cognomen meaning "Sabine" in Latin. The Sabines were an ancient people who lived in central Italy, their lands eventually taken over by the Romans after several wars. According to legend, the Romans abducted several Sabine women during a raid, and when the men came to rescue them, the women were able to make peace between the two groups. 
This name was borne by several early saints.” ( Yes, that sounds right, my Sulfur/Animus is looking for the “superior hint,” the one that will help manifest the new enterprise of trying to spread enlightenment and spiritual growth. Mercury is I Panfilio (the Magician), and here I am “a man walking briskly because I am in a hurry to reach a goal. I’m in constant movement, searching, and taking resolute action to achieve that goal.” (LWB & me.) Yes, that’s the Magician, although we might not emphasize his jogging nature! And finally, Salt = the Ace of Cups, a surprising choice to me, actually. Swords or Wands I would have understood, they are much more ‘of my nature,’ but when you look at the Sun & the Magician, perhaps the only away to approach these two and form an alliance is through appeals to emotion, as well as employing all of my intuition to be an effective diplomat between the two. They are BOTH BIG ego kind of guys, so that needs to be assuaged when I ask them to work in tandem. I also like the fact that both men are looking right, toward the Ace and the near future, which is when I plan to situate my manifestation. The “forum” will come into being within two months, I hope. There is some ground work to be laid, of course. Be that as it may, this is a positive reading for applying the qualities of XVIIII Sabino & I Panfilio to the “go ahead and get it manifested, Mark. No time like the present!” I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a POSITIVE shove into the future. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!    

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