Friday, March 31, 2017

Hello and Welcome! to the Fool’s Tarot on this last day of March 2017. In keeping with my 65th birthday the other day, immediately afterward I drew an ‘Extended Riddle of the Sphinx” spread (as given in *Book M: Liber Mundi* by M. M. Meleen, Atu House, Barr, 2015.) My purpose in doing this was two-fold; I wished to obtain a “general lay of the land” at this stage of the Journey. After all, 65 years old is a symbolic number to most American males raised on the post WW-II ideals of happyhappy until the age of 65, then you retire to a golf course in Florida and drink yourself to death, either with your faithful but embittered companion of several centuries, or with your trophy bride panting to get her claws on your estate. Ah, Amerika.
However, more important than checking my progression against an illusory and self-defeating phantomatic timeline, was an absolute NEED to see where the various Mark-parts were lying or arranged on the larger canvas, and how far along the work actually is. I’m quite satisfied with the whole doughnut from my own, inside-here subjective point of view, but I really wanted to take a time-marked (65) “photo” of where “the Project” is in its realization... I haven’t done a bigger spread in quite a while, so it was like diving into a pool and finding my joints had rusted – I pushed ahead, however, and the old techniques came flooding back. Onwards! Here’s how the
draw works; 1, 2, 3, & 4 are dealt Up, Down, Left, Right, (Elements, Directions & Suits all corresponding). The 5th card (center) is drawn from the bottom of the deck and represents, in a way, “spirit,” “outcome,” the “solution,” the “suggested direction.” Then, in the extended version, 4 more cards are dealt following the original elements progression (North, South, West, East; North = to Know, South = To Will, West = to Dare and East = to Be Silent, or close to the chest as in earth-y matters. N – Swords, S – Wands, W - Cups & E – Disks. It isn’t QUITE naturally flowing, but one quickly adapts. A total of 9 cards for the extended reading, 5 for the shorter normal Sphinx.
So, that’s the setup, here is the draw: 1) Queen of Pentacles; 2) 4 of Wands; 3) the Prince of Wands; 4) Two of Wands. #5, the Spirit card, is kept hidden until the very end of the draw, and is revealed LAST. Onward: 6) the Knight of Disks; 7) the Princess of Cups; 8) the Ace of Cups, and 9) XIV Adjustment. Finally, card 5 is revealed and I have drawn XXI the Universe. Thank Anubis for small favors. Or large ones –that was the card I “expected” to see; not that I am convinced I’m ready to transmogrify and bless the earth from my space placenta above the planet. (“Dave, Hello Dave. Do you need to go to the bathroom yet, Dave?”) I just CAN’T go into a card by card analysis of this for you here; one, I don’t want to do it, and two, I don’t plan on writing a novella on the one draw. Suffice it to say that I found the most interest in the plethora of horizontals; in the fact that Swords are NOT present, AT ALL; five of the cards are from the Courts, but there are NO Kings; the only Ace present is of Water, my least comfortable suit; despite any froufrou going on around me, I remark that my central unity/truth has remained constant, I ALWAYS have my eye on the goalpost. There seems to be a lot of “dominion” going on here and not much “moderation” or softness. The Elements are all over the place, but there is a prioritized placing of Fire and Water, if you’ll notice. There are, of
course, oodles more of information to be drawn from these cards, and I have and shall continue to do so. I guess what I’m most struck by concerning the draw seems to be a kind of deceptive “ordinariness” about it, when I am fully aware that there is NOTHING ORDINARY at all going on internationally, nationally, or bringing it down, even personally. My life is changing rapidly, and entering VERY deep waters in which there is no question of taking a break and tiptoeing on the bottom – the bottom is 6 miles down! (The Marianas Trench.) I KNOW I’m in the Big Leagues right now; I’ve been making enough progress in my life, and my guides the cards are helping me to realize that I’m batting at
Yankee Stadium, not the Coachella Birdseed & Memorial Mime Park & Recreation Grounds. I’m in the Big Time, and I’m playing with dice marked not with numbers but with terms of my evolution. I need to be paying extra-special attention to the Sacred Tarot these days; it isn’t simply giving me insights on Dad’s Fudge-packing recipes. (Grin.) In real-life terms, it is a turn once again to more seriously spiritual, meditational Tarot and time away from “social groups.” I need to enter a “deep-fried stage of serious cookery” for a while, to ingest and “fit in” where possible the oddly-shaped jigsaw puzzle pieces of these latter steps of Initiation and cards of the Sacred Tarot. I can go on and on about this draw and my conclusions and suppositions, but I shan’t. Suffice it to say that I find it instructive, a bit disappointing, a bit humbling, and eventually reinforcing, reaffirming and re-founding the forge of my desire to Evolve, Progress and ultimately join with the Divine. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the desire & drive to Evolve today. Be Well! Be Zen! Be Blessed!  

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