Thursday, April 13, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 14April2017. Today’s spread is my Basics Modified, with an extra card (I will explain further along.) The deck today is another of my “master decks” upon which I can ALWAYS rely and which give crystalline readings, *The Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka, another deck in the Egyptian style and system (a Master Arcana, but ALL of the rest of the cards are the minor arcana.). I REALLY like this deck, and it vies in my affections with the Kier as my favorite Egyptian deck. The symbology is both thought-provoking and meditative, and gives the deck that “occult” feel that only certain decks have. Onward and Upward! (As Hermes, not Icarus, I hope!) The draw today is: Sulfur = XX the Resurrection; Mercury = IX the Veiled Lamp, and Salt = LXVII Warrior of Pentacles. On an intuitive hunch, I drew a card for the overall ambiance of the day; the pre-dawn moon was shining through the window onto the cards and inspired me, I suppose, but my Intuition said “Pull!” I did, and received XVIII the Twilight (the Moon.) Ha! Synchronicity in action. However, I had already felt the Lunar presence anyway, just as a slight pressure on my eardrums and a stirring feeling in my uterus . . . Ha! Catch you sleeping? LOL! “Pay attention, Ogilvie! Or it will be 6 of the best in the Headmaster’s office!” . . . in my eardrums, and a slight ache in my thalamus. One isn’t supposed to feel the brain, but I do. Okay, let us pull in to this outdoor movie theatre and see what’s showing. First up, as my Sulphur today I have pulled XX the Resurrection, or Judgement, as we more commonly know it. This is old, familiar territory, isn’t it? I can explain its presence, however, by a decision taken overnight to let drop the whole affair about not being heard. I’m going to have to let that balance itself out in another way, as there is nothing to be done by me At This Time.
That was a decision that freed me from the burden of “judgement” and also left everyone’s Path wide open and free, unblocked by contrary vibrations, winds or other barriers. In order to resolve it for myself, I felt it necessary to DROP all judgement, and simply love the person, as is and without “improvement.” I can do nothing else, anyway. The relationship continues, of course; I didn’t go out of my head and do anything drastic; I considered the issue, the attitudes, the wounded ego, the thoughtless behavior of others, and in the end, said “Bah! Fuck it; it isn’t worth renting space in my brain to it.” That has almost nothing to do with the cards or the occult, but with just plain common sense that becomes deeper with age. Moving on, I find my Anima in the desert, wandering around in the persona of IX the Veiled Lamp (the Hermit.) I can grok this; my feminine side is the side to most often feel slighted or wounded, attacked in my amour-propre, so doubtless pursuant to my decision she has betaken herself to hermetic privacy to contemplate my decision, and to figure out for herself why it is best to go down this road and not another. She’ll be back when she cycles through and needs to be social again, I know it. For the time being, I believe it best to leave her in solitude. Gliding forward to the engine room of this ship, I discover that our power for catalyzation today is coming from LXVII the Warrior of Pentacles. It is a happy not-coincidence that a court card came up in the space reserved for court cards with other systems. This warrior, as we know, will devote ALL of his bull-like strength and Taurine energy to the project, any project, as long as his directives are clear. Do NOT look to this man for individual ideas, new concepts, or flexibility
of adaptation. He isn’t that person – this person is a Spartan officer trained to duty, task-orientation and obedience, above all. You need this man to build the boat; you need another to navigate it (Knight of Swords?). I like this guy, the way you like any guy on your team who is a real worker and team player, but lacks originality or mental flexibility. Finally, moved by Intuition and by the sight of the Moon shining in the pre-dawn hour, through our windows, I decided to pull a fourth card for “ambiance of the day”; OF COURSE, I pulled XVIII the Twilight (the Moon.) LOL. In for a penny, in for a pound (£) . . . . this doesn’t surprise me at all. I AM feeling a bit “loufoque” today (“silly”), as much from a lot of traveling in the psychic lately and the fact that I’ve just spent another “nuit blanche”, ‘white night’, = no sleep. It will be a long nap today. .  All in all, a truthful, un-hurtful draw containing no hidden shames or impossible conditions; I feel as if I’m getting a Pass for the day and don’t need to be in class – Grin. Which of course IS silly, because often when I sleep & travel is when I learn a load of information to be processed. Awake or asleep, the music plays on, and if you want to dance . . . . I’m going to leave you with a rather antique interpretation of this Knight, which is a hoot, IMHO, but always worth reading, these old tomes. “The Fire on the Eighth and on the Fourth house, personified. The traditional renderings are not bad but far from complete. The eighth house is that of our debts, money of other people and of the dead in particular. So the Querent may profit by legacies or inheritance.
Consequently the benefic influence on the weak point in our material conditions may be interpreted as: advantage, interest, etc. But the knight is always a personification, too, and this is not given in the traditional interpretation. We must see him as a person who is obliging, carrying out a will, coming to the aid of the Querent, secretly or confidentially perhaps, at least not publicly, visiting him in his house, saving him from material and financial troubles. It may be a loan, inheritance or advance, but without any hard conditions connected with it, so it may be a present. On the other hand the houses mentioned give the tendency to retire from the outer world; this accounts for renderings such as 'inactivity, inertia,' etc. . . . We should say, it means the tendency to enjoy the good things of the heart(s) within one's own private or family circle, in repose, in some retreat, secretly. In weak cases there may be some danger of degeneration into idleness or indolence, etc. In connection with the fourth house, ruling family matters and the past, the home and the storehouse (of memory, e.g.) the card must have to do with pleasant memories, recollections, people we have known before; collections and collecting.” (A. E; Thierens, 1930.) So, there we have it. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today a calming dose of psychic harmony, reflected inside and out. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!

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