Saturday, April 15, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 16Apr2017. From this point forward, I shall only mention the spread if it differs from my morning normal, the Basics Modified (by me.) The original alchemical basics spread is the three cards, Sulphur, Mercury & Salt drawn from the Major Arcana only. I changed the 3rd card to being drawn from the Court cards + the Aces; it is more useful to me to be able to identify the energy source that is going to “power the albedo,” catalyze the two previous elements, in the alembic, which is (in a way) Me. One could do this with an MA by using the associated minor, but this is more particularly clear to me. Today’s deck is again the *Tabula Mundi: Edition Colores Arcus” by M. M. Meleen. (With such an Irish last name, I fantasize that her first names are Mary-Margaret. Grin. ) Oh yes, before I forget, Happy Easter to those of the Christian persuasion. A great companion book is the book she wrote for a previous deck, *The Rosetta Tarot*; “The Book of Seshet* by the creatrix. I have praised this deck until I am royal blue in the face, and will continue to do so. In my head I think of it as my “fact-finding deck.” That, plus the SUPERB art, the GD system, and the large format of the Babalon edition all make of this deck a “pearl beyond price,” and I value it as such. Onward and Upward! Today’s draw is: Sulphur = I the Magus; Mercury = XIV Art and Salt = the Knight of Disks. This is a fine draw for a ‘holiday’ morning (yes, I admit it; I am of that breed that joyfully takes advantage of another faith’s festival day if it pleases me, and ignore it if it doesn’t. So sue me. ) Seeing I the Magus as my Sulphur today (Male current, Active, action-oriented) and XIV Art as my Mercury (Female current, Passive, contemplation-oriented) was, quite frankly, like a personal assertion of “Hi, honey! I’m home!” That is my baseline status, right there in front of me, on a normal day. This is how I feel as I rise and start the day; perhaps a little foggily at first, but by the time I’ve given the living gods their sacrifice (given our cats their breakfast,)
I have a pretty good handle on how the opening energies of the day are lining up. I didn’t feel particularly joyous, just okay, this morning, but this reading bumps my “humeur” up a couple of notches. Without patting my own back and shrieking about humility, yes, on a really good day THIS is how I wake up feeling, and all the auguries bearing, continue to carry that through the morning hours and hopefully the rest of the day. I AM a Magus, and my Anima is ALWAYSS, most definitely, my voice of moderation and restraint whose counsel is woefully underused. (Self-mocking Grin.) I love her and value her, but I would have missed most of my life had I heeded her advice; that is unthinkable, as my life has been so “rocambolesque” that it is a constant source of reflection & amazement even to me. I believe that, with time and the Tarot as a guide, that I truly merit the stage of the Journey that I have reached at present, when assuming the baseline identity of the Magus is a natural and almost automatic autonomic function, whenever the occasion necessitates that I be “there.” XIV Art, AKA Temperance, is the Great guide of my inner “morality.” I bear a deep reverence for the Lady Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of “truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice. Ma’at was also personified as a goddess regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation.” (Wikipedia) I believe I bear the reverence precisely because I have known so
little Balance in my life that its presence now is precious to me. Also, to find myself counseling prudence & moderation to seekers at this stage in my life strikes me as deeply, profoundly humorous, like giving the now-vegetarian fox guard over the henhouse. LOL. Also, it can make me sound like a profound hypocrite, “Do as I say, not as I did,” but all do seem to understand I am motivated by love and care and not by wickedness. And finally, as I head out to seek out my energy source for today he presents himself TO me, in the rectitude of his honor, his amour-propre and the solidity with which he imbues his oath to service & kingship, the Knight of Disks. I can’t help but pigeonhole this guy as “the type you want to marry, but not take as a lover.”  Solid, reliable, dependable to the nth degree, he is also unimaginative and procedural. He has a grand heart, when and where he can show it. He is faithful, to a fault (relying upon the honor of others.) He is practical, and tedious. HOWEVER, there isn’t a better friend in the world or a king who takes the welfare of his people more seriously to heart than the Knight of Disks. The energy here is PRODUCTIVE, “make green and fertile the land, the hills and vales, and let it bear fruit and harvest.”  This is Solid, solid energy, and there is nothing ethereal about it. IF I need extra energy today I need merely to look within to my earthy king and contemplate the calm with which he “feeds a kingdom.” I am at my baseline best today, so this is a good today to quickly check “the state of the organism” and to look around at the boundaries of my expanding universe and see if, where and how I can help growth, change, & evolution. If we aren’t evolving, we are in stasis or actively devolving, neither of which are acceptable. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a glimpse into the mechanisms of our evolution. Be Well, Be Zen; Be Blessed!    


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