Monday, April 17, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 18April2017. I’ve used my usual daily spread today, and the deck is the *Samhain Deck of the Bastard: 3rd Edition* by Seven Stars. I don’t use them a lot as I find the framing a bit much, but they are GOOD illustrations; also, today I’m beginning a run of about 16 decks I triaged out of the open stock for re-evaluation; time to face their judge once again to reveal if they are still wanted children, or shall I sell them to the coal factory in Manchester for 2 shillings on the pound (of flesh?) Grin. Actually, the question is “Does it remain in rotation or does it join the damnéd thousands down in the pits of Hell (my storage “cave?”) I can foresee success &/or failure for several of the troops already, but they deserve their fair chance. Today’s draw is: Sulphur = XV the Devil; Mercury = XIX the Sun, and Salt = the Page of Swords. Right of the (rabid) bat, I like this spread this morning. I can perfectly well see my ego rallying to the war cry of materialism today for one reason or another; as a matter of fact, we need to go shopping to restock the kitchen. I’ll have to keep my hands off the Swiss & Belgian chocolates and buying my body weight in fruit, both dried & fresh. Damn. At any rate, I don’t see this card today as any sort of “spiritual backslide,” simply because I don’t feel that way, and if the danger existed on that level, my intuition would be vibrating like a bee in a bonnet. No, I see this today as a “lesser warning,” to keep an eye on my (testosterone-driven) ego when it trots briskly out of the stable this morning; it may have bolting in mind. Grin. Now HERE is where I find that it gets interesting. Aligning themselves against the Devil, XIX the Sun & the Page of Swords look fully prepared to stop Old Nick in his tracks. I know, I know, they are just cards whose expressions never change, but I/Me add individuality to them with MY being, this bright spring morning in the south of France. Therefore I can say that rarely have I see two cards so completely united against a third, it’s really quite astonishing (to me.) My Ego and my Will are very rarely opposed by anyone exterior or myself on the interior, so to see “me” so frankly opposed today is somewhat of a wry shock – I wasn’t aware that my anima had developed such a keen moral eye that she could spot trouble coming before it actually happens. I’m very proud of her for this, even if a bit vexed.
She was under my imperious thumb for a great many years, and when I finally liberated her and asked her to work with me to make a complete being, I knew she would have a great deal of catching-up to do before we could truly walk together, hand in hand, into the future. Her speed has been remarkable. I really shouldn’t be surprised, though, as she IS me, and I’m equally as rapid when performing a task I ardently wish to accomplish. That is human nature. My Page of Swords is a great kid, overflowing with vim & vigor, vitality & impetuousness & “love for the right cause.” Allied to XIX the Sun, which is a SHITLOAD of Energy facing my hapless demon. “He ain’t gonna win this one, pardner.” Writing of my anima, you’ll notice that she feels comfortable enough in XIX to be manifesting it publicly and against me, her livelier half. Grin. To be joined by the Knight of Swords is only a bonus; no doubt she took him on because he’s pretty, and she’s hoping that will distract me. LOL. I believe my wisest counsel today is to cut my losses before they even begin to occur. “No hijinks today, financial or otherwise, Mark; keep a lid on it, pal. The ‘old lady’ is carrying a Howitzer today, XIX the Sun, and she’s got some pretty-but-vacant-looking blond carrying her papers. Watch out – it doesn’t look like indulgence is on the menu today.” Okay, message received. Now, I’m going to give you a few flash points on each card today: XV the Devil - "The goat-like figure recalls the sign Capricorn in which astrology teaches that the planet Mars has its exaltation, the name 'devil' means the evil, as is well known, and this alliteration holds good not only in English. It is the symbol of that which to exoteric human understanding is as much of a malefic nature as Venus is benefic. The counterpart of Venus: Mars, planet of pain and struggle, passion and sex-nature, but also of the energy necessary for the process of formation and generation in Nature. . . .  That sex-nature binds man is a natural fact of a more or less occult order. . . So it has to do with generation in Nature in every sense and kingdom, though astrology teaches that Mars has a special connection with the animal kingdom and animal passion -- passion which drives to the preservation of the body as well as of the race; fighting for existence in both senses of the term. So Mars always figured as the War-lord. Not only sexual energy, but every energy in Nature chains the result to the cause and object to subject. It is unnecessary to work this out any further. We shall be safe in interpreting this card as energy, desire, lust, war, struggle, difficulties, pain, loss, etc. But also as exercise, training; tests to which the personality will be subject." (A. E. Thierens) XIX the Sun - ". . .
it is the destiny of the Supernatural East and the great and holy light which goes before the endless procession of humanity, coming out from the walled garden of the sensitive life and passing on the journey home. The card signifies, therefore, the transit from the manifest light of this world, represented by the glorious sun of earth, to the light of the world to come, which goes before aspiration . . . But the last allusion is again the key to a different form or aspect of the symbolism. The sun is that of consciousness in the spirit - the direct as the antithesis of the reflected light. The characteristic type of humanity has become a little child therein--a child in the sense of simplicity and innocence in the sense of wisdom. In that simplicity, he bears the seal of Nature and of Art; in that innocence, he signifies the restored world. When the self-knowing spirit has dawned in the consciousness above the natural mind, that mind in its renewal leads forth the animal nature in a state of perfect conformity." (A. E. Waite.) The Knight of Swords - "The Martian and Saturnian element on the Third house and on the Eleventh. It is very remarkable, that the first series of meanings in this case hint at the third house, while the so-called reversed meanings bear all the characteristics of the Uranian eleventh house: suddenness, surprise, etc. This element on the house of Air, Gemini and Aquarius, must, of course, denote either intellectual facts or concrete results of intelligence. The latter may be called 'proof' or 'outcome' or exact knowledge. The knowledge of facts may be the fruit of an elementary school curriculum, of journalism, of spying, etc. But it is justly indicated by tradition, that the Martian and Saturnian Gemini-man is a specialist in unlawful knowledge or in knowledge gathered at the cost of much trouble and effort; so it may be also knowledge gathered later in life, university extension. Exact intellectual results may appear as: remarks, observations, notes, etc. When put in the negative there may be investigation, examination, etc. All these are truly the effects of Gemini. There are, moreover, the personalities representing the facts. On account of the eleventh house we shall have to note the same sort of results but more or less reciprocal and sudden, whereas Uranus, lord of this house, accelerates the energy of Mars in this element but is apt to destroy the Saturnian vibrations or at least counteract them. It is quite true, therefore, that this card may represent speaking and acting without sufficient preparation and without dogmatic or very formal outlines: improvisation. Tradition was very correct in this. It could not know that this page, on account of its eleventh house relations, will represent the railway-, tramway- or bus-conductor as well as the constable regulating the traffic, also the warnings of the same." (A. E. Thierens.) I ask the Cosmos to give us clear choices today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!  

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