Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 19April2017. Basically, there is no explication of my morning draw this morning, due to the fact that I feel asleep under the effects of a WONDERFUL backrub by my wife, and she let me sleep. So, I present to you the deck used anyway, and the draw – it’s fairly easy enough to read, and I invite you to read it yourselves, either to amuse yourself or perhaps to learn a bit more about the interaction of the cards. (Sulfur = XVII “El Destino”, aka Temperance; Mercury = XII “El Colgado” aka The Hanged Man, and Salt = #55 “El Duelo” and I invite you to interpret it by the image.)  Or toss it off into e-nothingness; I am not attached to it; it’s only a day, after all . . . right? LOL. So, on to business: the deck is *El Tarot Egipcio* by Margarita Arnal Moscardó. There is a thick, beautiful accompanying book which is quite
  knowledgeable in its presentation of the Hebrew alphabet, as well as other influential aspects on the cards. It is in Spanish, and I am unaware if there is an English or foreign language version; I rather doubt it. I truly like the deck, its imagery is vibrant and alive, and extremely well-executed; I am less crazy about the deductions and theorems given by Ms. Arnal-Moscardó. She is a believer in the ancient Egyptian origin theory on the birth of Tarot, which makes me skeptical of her interpretations. And, as suspected, her “decisions” on what some of the cards mean is totally at odds with my understanding of them. I admit freely that I am not the most knowledgeable
person in the world on Tarot, but I know enough to call a fantasy a fantasy and set its flimsy paper crown aflame. She means well, one can see that, and her setup on how she reads them is interesting, but while her deck is lovely, I find that her mind is not. I remind you, IMHO! This is personal opinion, always, and not judgement. Another may find her the perfect read. With all of that said, here’s your practice Egyptian deck draw. Give ‘em Hell! LOL!! I ask the Cosmos today to give us all a shot of humor in our cards today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!  

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