Friday, April 21, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 21Apr2017. The deck today is *Il Lombardi Danneggiato Tarrochi* from Duck Soup (Doug Thornsjo.)  It is a beautiful, fun & different deck to read with and that it does quite well. Today’s draw is: Sulphur = XX Judgement; Mercury = XVI-r the Tower(reversed), and Salt = the Ace of Swords. Well, shit . . . the old lady has phreaked out and gone off the rails, confronted by too much role reversal yesterday, perhaps. I joke; of course, but she does seem to be having a hard time coping today with what she’s been about recently. It’s either that, or she has decided to refuse to advance, until she can rebuild herself in the light of new knowledge, new relationships and accustom herself to the idea that she will not again be alone, but united with the Animus to form the new being. More about this in a minute, but I should take a quick, quick look at XX Judgement. I really don’t have a lot to “reveal;” I’ve been here quite regularly lately, a sign to me that soon (according to a timescale not based on Greenwich ) I WILL actually be here, and ready to cross into the XXI, having finished the liberating process of XX. That’s really all I wish to say today; he and I are friends of long date, ever since I gave up focusing on judging others and began to justly judge myself. XX is an odd card; for what is supposed to be a highly objectivity-inducing card, it only magnifies the personal for me, which is all fine and good, I suppose, having no basis for comparison (I cannot compare myself to myself, and comparisons between 2 people are pointless,
because then it IS highly subjective. Moving on, Little Missy Anima has got her knockers in a twist and is having a full-blown phreak-out meltdown, BLOCKING any useful energies to be had here if she would only pull her head out of her ass and stand upright. The drama queen in me (yes, there is one, but of a smallish off-Broadway stage,) loves that ole’ drama, and she is known to take a small moment and inflate it out of proportion in order to incite other to incite others, etc. And, of course, to sob into the microphone, “Oh, I just KNOW it’s all about Me! Oh boo-hoo.” GRIN. I do limit indulging her, and my limits are getting longer and broader as the years go by. As far as I’m concerned, she’s in an old-age retirement home for elderly drama queens. Let the nurses listen to it.  I can’t just abandon here, however, so a little backtracking is involved to slip an oxygen mask over her face (thank God it covers her mouth!) and give her a helping hand to limp across the border into “Switzerland.” Sigh . . . a man’s work is never done. Grin. Okay, so what is the Energy available to me today to backtrack and bring her out? Well, I can hardly think of a more appropriate one – the Ace of Swords. Here is the essence, the seed, of rationality & logic, the intellectual & mental processes, the very root of intelligence itself. That means it will be the spoken word that gets through to her; rational, calm, reasoning, I can reach through her fear and bring her “up to snuff” by linking on the Intellectual first, in order to grab her wrist and pull her from her own quicksand. Let’s check the relations on the three cards now that they’ve been exposed. XX Judgment is; “If Saturn denotes 'death' and the grave, what more natural than that his counterpart Jupiter should stand for the resurrection from the grave? While Saturn, Lord of the mineral kingdom, is held to 'kill' by his crystallizing effect, Jupiter, Lord of the vegetable kingdom and of all that grows and expands and evolves, leading up to sublimation and elevation, abstraction, etc., afterwards, is first the emblem and function of organic life, later on also those of psychic and spiritual life above the material existence, barren and naked, from which it consequently brings deliverance.” (A. E. Thierens) XVI the Tower-
r; . . . the principles of Uranus and Neptune were not much known in antiquity save that they were the general principles of the Heavens (the Air or also the atmosphere) and the Ocean, and as such we find them in the Pantheon and in the original Tarot, not yet as the much later discovered planets, which personify these general cosmic principles. Later ages added very little, if anything at all, to those original explanations. Still Ouranos and Poseidon were known in Greece as well as Dourga and Varouna in India. And the stone tower struck by a flash of lightning is another version of the legend of Ouranos mutilating his son Chronos, which means, that Heaven is not content with a body of fixed dimensions and form, nor any heavenly force with the limitations put to it by physical authorities or architects. This may warn man, not to build upon physical existence alone or to think himself safe upon a material basis, however high and solid it may appear from a material point of view.” (Ibid.) And we wrap up with the Ace of Swords; “This is the first step of the element of Earth, coming on the First house or ascendant. Of course this has to do with a beginning, a strong outpouring of force, an impulse, and a material one too. Positive activity on the material plane is typically masculine, and this is a very masculine card, perhaps the most of all. There is no negotiation possible with it. It is emphatically 'yes' or 'no.' One of the primary expressions of the masculine is fructification, and the male action is indicated by this card. For the same reason it means germ, seed. And its natural consequence is conception and childbirth, the ace indicating here also the ascendant. In everything this card means the actual beginning in material execution, which at the same time may cut short something else. It may mean decapitation, or any justiciary execution. It signifies of course a decision, the end of uncertainty or twilight.” (Ibid.) I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the opportunity to unite opposites with intuitive love & understanding today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!  

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