Sunday, April 23, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 24April2017. The spread is as usual and the deck is *Liber T: Tarot of the Eternal Stars* by Andrea Serio & Roberto Negrini (Lo Scarabeo.) “The Tarot of Stars Eternal is a reworking of the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot by Dante Tarot artist Andrea Serio. The majors are very similar to Crowley's Thoth, but the minors have been expanded and have an emphasis on Decans.” ( As you can see, this morning I drew: Sulfur = 0 the Fool; Mercury = XI Lust, and Salt = the Ace of Swords. Right away, I like this reading; starting out as the Fool is always appealing to me. It means that I am all eager & willing to get on down the Path to some new goal, and I’m being rather a whirlwind about it. Kitty biting my leg and my groin shining like the Sun (Kundalini) is right on target, as well. As you may know, we have three resident felines, 2 females & a male, all sterilized, and the elder female and the male are both Tarocats. The one biting my leg there is most likely Rabelais, our eldest and my obsessed stalker; he is known to gently bite me when he is delirious with pleasure (i.e., during a brushing.) The point is, I can slip into this costume quite easily because I like it. Most people DO like to be in on the beginning of an adventure; a great many find that the overture was all they wanted. Not me, as I do truly believe the point IS the Journey. I could go on and get profound and bookish about 0 the Fool, but you can do that on your own; I have to pry a cat off my leg. Back on the Path, I meet my Anima next, in the form of XI Lust (the old XI Strength or Justice.) This cleaves me feeling as if I have no feelings toward it, which I know isn’t true; there always has been something about the general trope of “the-whore-of-Babylon” that has disturbed me, and I honestly can’t name it.
Here, the beauty riding the beast is our symbol of conquering the animal nature, uniting it with our human nature and with the united product forge the way forward with brio. In the ‘Liber T’ canon the advice is to “Mitigate Energy with Love, but make Love devour Everything.” (LWB) I get it, but find the expression of it rather inelegant. “Sigh . . . oh well; just get over yourself, Mark.” Grin. What I see here is an alliance forged by the Ace of Swords between Lust and the Fool that is completely artificial and forced, but working in the short term. Marrying a strong & independent star-woman to a rather scattered and clicking-his-heels type of harlequin court buffoon is bound to result in failure; marriages between nobility & commoner most often do. However, for today they find themselves forced to keep company, and for both the Thinking is: “s/he serves my necessity for the moment; we need each other, right now. As soon as we are past this, however, we can go our separate ways.” It isn’t exactly a Disney movie; they don’t fall in Love and change society to remain together. Nor would I wish them to do such, inasmuch as their expressed Wills have different objectives due to their positions on the Path. He would be marrying his great-aunt, perhaps . . . (Stop it! Stop visualizing it.) From here, the uncomfortable couple striding side by side
on the Path is held together only but strongly by their shared bond of mental focus on their commonality of need. So there IS a link today between my animus and anima; my intelligence. It is also an engine that will power the duo through the day and provide focus for their needs.  As for me, I have absolutely NO problem wielding the Ace of Swords; I have long been accustomed to its weight, feel, edge & responsibility. Now let’s look at their planetary configurations for any dominant bod-y/ies: 0 the Fool: “Pisces going to Aries, on the other hand Uranus/Mercury standing for curiosity, spontaneity, and madness. Element: the Air. Tree of Life: Kether going to Chokmah. Number: 0 as nothing and begin of it all.” “XI Lust: Venus in Leo - the creative development of passion leads to enjoyment and fulfillness. Zodiac: Leo. Tree of Life: The connection between Chesed and Geburah. Element: Fire. Number: 11 as perfect combination of 1 and 2 (the cross sum of 11 is 2)” after which we can overlay the Ace of Swords: “(The roots of the powers of Air) Kether in the Tree of Life. Element: Fire. Astrology: ALL the signs of the Air.” (all from “So TWO Fires and an Air; sounds like quite a campfire to me! bring your ectomallows & your karma krackers. Plenty of Earth topping is on hand . . . .” Grin. “Oh! and don’t forget your ayahuasca Water!” Actually, this all sounds like the magic phrase “mini-adventure!” to me, or at least I do hope so. I’ve been awfully housebound for a while now, by choice; going out is a respiratory trial. Nevertheless, when I’m motivated . . .  Will can do ANYTHING. And today the cards tell me mine is ready, willing and waiting. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a clear and reasoned direction today. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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