Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 27April2017. Today’s spread is yet another mutation off of the original Basic Principles of Alchemy spread,, and this time 2° removed, so really I need to stop calling it now “a mutation” and give this spread (4 cards) a name. I am only doing this because today, in rotation, I’ve pulled an unusual deck, the *Templar Tarot: The Journey” by Allen Chester & Stephen Dafoe. It is a 101-card deck; the extra 23 cards belong to a “progression” called “The Journey,” a sequence that technically comes between the MA and ma, but really is a supernumerary card to reflect where on the Journey the “Templar or Templar-initiate” is on his Path; Birth, Life & Death, each a sequence of 7 cards, and two other cards, 00 and 000, having to do with post-Journey. It’s a complicated deck, and exactly the type I don’t like, with an extra “suit” gratuitously added for no particularly benefic reason. However, I am ambivalent about this one, instead of a flat “No!” – I love the art on the ma and most of the MA, a lot. AND, the “life of the Templar” suite DOES bring up some interesting concept of events upon the journey, key events. So, expanding my morning spread,
I added a card from the Journey “suit.” Whew! Let’s just call it the “Odd deck Spread,” always open to protozoan mutation; not free-form, but nearly. The draw today is: Sulfur = XIX the Sun; Mercury = XVI the Tower; Salt = the Ace of Wands and the Journey = #38 Betrayal. Wow, the draw is colorfully dazzling and conceptually interesting; I’m not reading it tableau-style, but it has that kind of flow to it. Let me tell the story this way: I (Animus) have reached XIX the Sun, and feeling really good and replete with energy and accomplishment; this is success, a realization of ideals, approval and warm interpersonal relations. He’s happy after recent trials, and full of vim & vigor, ready to charge forward and enter the citadel at the top of the hill. Meanwhile, the “Anima me,” “she, her,” is undergoing an upheaval and full reversal of old beliefs. I have NO doubt that she is feeling this way because, to tell the truth, she was lagging just a smidgen behind my Animus, due to late development, entirely my fault for keeping her obscured for so long. She needed “affirmative action.” Well, all fine and good, but no the whammy has hit; she may or may not realize yet that the razing of the
“campus” simply means that a newer and beautiful structure is being built. She HAS to start with clean ground & solid foundations, or a 2nd Tower could occur, and on an advanced level that would be more than catastrophe, it would be annihilation. How are these seemingly contradictory poles to be energized and reconciled? The answer is the Ace of Wands, the Cosmic Egg of Creativity and Spirit. The energy coming from this Ace is inextinguishable, waves and waves for all eternity of creative power and spiritual drive. The raw energy and creative methods will be called upon ad hoc to deal with keeping the two archetypes in step and relatively close throughout the day, because even though they seem directly opposed, XIX can freshly remember being XVI, and can provide Light and Truth to guide the Templar past the falling masonry. Which is all fine and good, but in fact, thought must be devoted to an act that may be appearing on the horizon of manifestation;  Betrayal. The card itself tells the story of Esquin de Floryan, a miserable failure all his life, who as an ex-Templar in the jails of Philip IV le Bel, King of France, sought to weasel around and better his situation. He is the source of all of the blasphemies and slander that started to run and be heard in the streets. His fantastic stories
helped both the Pope’s (Clement V) greed for authority and Philip’s desperate search for more income for his bankrupt and corrupted Treasury. Between Esquin’s foul mouth, the Pope’s fear and Philip’s greed, the Templars were lost. The rest is brutal medieval history. The divinatory meaning of this card is given as: “Betrayal warns us of sudden and abrupt change that provides us with little to no advance warning. It is a card that contrasts the citadel of lies that we allow to build up around us on a false and faulty foundation with the blinding shock when the truth is discovered and the structure begins to collapse. Be wary of that which we perceive to be true or those whom we perceive to be speaking the truth.” (Accompanying eponymous book.) Woo-wee! That “sounds” as if that in the “present” (flexibly defined) I am going to have sort of potassium/oxygen realization and the alembic will burst into flames (the alembic being me!) I haven’t the FAINTEST idea what this could presage, but I’ll hold myself ready, braced against the shocking truth. What that shocking truth maybe I have no idea, (well, maybe, but nah, that CAN’T be true!) (“Wanna bet, meat sack? Mwuahahaha!!”) I’m joking with myself, as I really DON’T have an idea on the topic, but it could come from anywhere, even inside of me. I certainly hope not – that would indicate I’m still suffering from serious ignorance somewhere along my route. As I said, I hope not. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL an advance warning of betrayal if it is appropriate. Be well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!!   

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