Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 12Apr2017. I am again using the Basics 2X Modified, a double mutation on the Basic Principles alchemical spread. The deck today is again one of my “master decks,” the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Jañeiro of Argentina in the early 20th century, often wrongly attributed to Stuart R. Kaplan, who wrote the LWB but did not create the deck. This is the very best Egyptian-style Tarot deck that you will ever find, up to this point in time. I stand by that statement; the deck is spectacularly precise, intuitive and as clear as crystal when addressed; Caveat Emptor, however; if you are honest and ask or seek an honest look or appraisal, this deck will deliver it to you without padding the results to spare your feelings. I love this Tarot deck of cards, as it comes closest to what I imagine is the “Sacred Tarot,” so philosophically batted back and forth since ‘la nuit du temps.’ Today’s draw is: Sulfur = V the High Priest; Mercury = XXII the Fool, and Salt = 50 Attraction. (Remember, this is Egyptian-style Tarot – no minor arcana sorted into suits, then pips and royals; simply 56 more cards that aren’t the Major Arcana.) The first thing that grabbed me right off of the starting line was the positioning of the hierophant – looking back to the past. How appropriate! My animus may be heading that way looking to be shored up with moral support, but “Sorry, Charlie,” the faith-filled, medieval crowds terrified of your thunder and rules have abandoned you. Those who see, however, will find that the Wise have never abandoned us, only “gone into hiding.” Necessary times call for necessary measures, and as the American Empire falls
(over a period of years, of course,) the learned of all branches of knowledge will have to seek their redoubts. Perhaps Sr. Jañeiro knew that, as he certainly communicates the particular wisdom of the Sacred Tarot quite well. Back to my animus . . . I believe that today, my animus may indeed be seeking (in vain) a bit of support for an old-fashioned attitude. The idea is that when one says another’s wishes will be honored, that “word” should be respected and wishes honored. Mine weren’t, yesterday, and today I’m still a bit angry and flummoxed; how to go about airing this out? The direct approach has been tried, and failed, numerous times, yet I cannot abandon the need for trust in this person because it is essential to our relationship. I’m still pondering, and that is why I think the card reflects the current “male” need I have for “enforcing my Will.” I need to be VERY careful about this. Leaving the Hierophant to contemplate his supply train behind him as he advances into Russia (sic.) Grin. Looking next at my anima or “Mercury” as my passive current I have 0 the Fool. I find that unexpectedly hilarious. “Screw that, Dude. While you rummage through crumbling and dusty papyri, I think I’ll take a walk on the wild side.” And she’s off; I like to think that the alligator (Sobek) isn’t her warning or sand trap, but her pet trailing along behind her, ready to adventure as well. Grin. She’s also and eclipse/moon/night creature for beginnings; I once had a friend (now deceased) who always said that traveling under a half moon was lucky, arriving at a full moon was promising, and departing at the new moon was adding the Joker to your trip. She died at a new moon. I have always found that to be a strange, quirky-but-true little maxim. At anyhoo, my anima, adopting her genderless “look,” is saying no to the past
quite firmly with her upright posture and her face full-forward (profile for us.) Sometimes, it is true, my animus gets so caught up in his head that he forgets to do footwork, or at least getting out & walking. This was emphasized to me this weekend when I met my sister in Paris for an afternoon; she is only 4 years younger than me, but she is STILL whizzing around the globe like a Michel Berger businessman. Grin. And I feel like I’m some sort of Ancient of Days with my oaky roots sunk deep into local soil, never to be uprooted or move again. At any rate, seeing her (after 14 years!) was a breath of fresh air and I promised myself to get out & “go” more often – a promise that my anima has taken up like a thrown glove. “Ok, you got the keys; Drive, Baby, drive.” Finally sliding up to the service station but we head out of town into the desert, we meet #50, Attraction. A lovely young redhead is doing a musical number in one of the service bays, practicing with her band (my guess is that the owner is family!) She’s had herself lifted slightly on the hydraulic jack, and is singing to who seem to be 2 rather young and starstruck mechanics. Funnily enough, she isn’t wailing some rock ‘n roll number, but singing, quite sensuously, “That Old Black Magic.” (LOLOL)My anima starts getting a funny look on her face, and I know that the girl’s energy is pushing my foolish female to stop, remember ‘her’ High Priest, and remember their timeless connection. All for the good, I presume. Running off on a whim, avoiding responsibilities, and even avoiding what you still desire is not an answer, and as for that last, one needs to stop desiring by stopping the feeling itself, not one of its objects. Yeah, yeah, I get it. Thank you wingéd messenger, for yet another “Stop and Think.”  Don’t avoid the attraction my animus & anima have for each other, encourage it; union is only possible in that manner, and I mean ALL sorts of Unions, both here below and there above. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today an honest appraisal of our habit-ual patterns. Be Well, Be Zen, Be Blessed!   

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